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What is Jumpshot?

Jumpshot is a marketing analytics product that helps organizations paint a complete picture of the online world: what people search for, where they spend their time, what they do there, and how they get from place to place across the web. Discover the real keywords that people search for and tie them to conversions. Identify traffic channels, user navigation paths, influencers and online trends. Analyze web traffic, consumer behavior and shopping carts. With the largest data panel in the industry that refreshes every 24 hours we help you move your business forward with real-time data driven insights.

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What is Jumpshot Strategic?

Jumpshot’s Strategic Analytics gives you a full and deeper picture of your customer’s online life. We can build specific custom solutions to answer your individual questions, address your needs, or fill in the holes where your business intelligence has reached a block. From your Marketing team to your Consumer Insights group, Jumpshot can help with a wide variety of requests.

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of Amazon customers checkout within one hour of adding an item to their cart.


of Amazon customers complete checkout after adding a product to their cart.


is the US cart average for Amazon customers.

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Jumpshot is truly a global startup. Our 60 employees have many different backgrounds and nationalities. They’re also split between our San Francisco and Prague offices – some even divide their time between the two. Creating game-changing marketing analytics products with teams around the world is no easy feat, but our VP of Product Marcus Blatch takes…

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Did you know that people in South Dakota are 16 times as likely to search for emergency rooms than residents of any other state? Would you think that Hawaii is all about permanent makeup, or that residents of Vermont have the most animal friendly diet in the US? We recently analyzed consumer behavior on Yelp,…

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