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What is Jumpshot?

Through our marketing analytics product suite, we offer businesses the most detailed and accurate view of their customers’ online life: what they search for, what they like, and what they buy. We leverage the largest and richest data panel to help answer your questions, analyze the results, and focus on the conclusions to move your business forward. Jumpshot gives you a new kind of insight based on in-depth URL tracking and multi-step path analysis.

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What is Jumpshot Strategic?

Jumpshot’s Strategic Analytics gives you a full and deeper picture of your customer’s online life. We can build specific custom solutions to answer your individual questions, address your needs, or fill in the holes where your business intelligence has reached a block. From your Marketing team to your Consumer Insights group, Jumpshot can help with a wide variety of requests.

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of Amazon customers checkout within one hour of adding an item to their cart.


of Amazon customers complete checkout after adding a product to their cart.


is the US cart average for Amazon customers.

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