15 things clickstream data reveals about your customers and prospects: Analytics industry (part 3)

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In our previous installment, we explored the advantages of using big data analytics to guide business decisions and identify opportunities to beat the competition. Now, we are going one step further and explore one valuable form of big data: Clickstream data. Analyzing clickstream data can tell you a lot about your customers and prospects and help you better connect with them, based on their online behavior and actions.

Do you know, click after click, what your customers and prospects are doing online? You can with Jumpshot! Our data is based on the clickstream activity of our global panel of over 100-million consumers, and spans from the beginning of 2014 to yesterday.

The following lists will help you wrap your mind around what you can learn from analyzing clickstream data.

Drill into on-site behaviors for any website

You can deeply understand what your customers and prospects are doing on a specific domain, yours or the competitions’, including path-to-purchase activity, content consumption, search keywords and much more. The information available about any given website is wide and vast, and includes but is not limited to the following:

  • How people got to the site
  • The natural (Not Provided) and paid search queries that brought them there
  • The most popular products, pages, and sections
  • What visitors search for on-site
  • What they engage with, view, or purchase
  • When they convert, cancel, or abandon cart
  • Where they go when they leave the site

Without this type of data, you’ll only know some portion of these things for your own site, and none of it for competing sites.

Understand conversion trends on online marketplaces like Amazon and Booking.com

You can see granular sales information for leading e-commerce marketplaces, from the product SKU level, to the brand and category levels. This information can include:

Without Jumpshot’s clickstream data, only the leading marketplaces themselves would have access to this data. With our clickstream data, you can know what the leading marketplaces know, optimize your presence and discover opportunities to further your business.

Discover the true effectiveness of online campaigns

For any online marketing campaign, even a competitor’s, you can know:

  • The indirect conversions on third-party marketplaces resulting from an online campaign
  • What kind of ads – search, display, retargeting, social, and others – get clicked on from desktop browsers and tapped on from mobile browsers
  • What happens after the click or tap
  • Which purchases can be attributed back to a click or tap on an ad
  • The domain and web page where purchases took place

In short, Jumpshot’s clickstream data provides an attribution solution that’s capable of connecting marketing efforts to any online distribution channel, be it your own or a partner’s. Without this type of data, it’s very difficult to get a clear picture of how campaigns influence conversions, and it’s virtually impossible to attribute conversions on other domains to the brand’s advertising efforts.

Examine the online behaviors of any custom customer cohort

For any behavioral segment, i.e. for any cohort you define based on online actions, you can know entire online journeys consumers have taken across sites, thousands of steps back all the way to the beginning of 2014.

This is the bread and butter of Jumpshot’s clickstream analysis, because it gets at the behaviors of the people you care about the most – your custom segments.

Bottom Line: Jumpshot’s clickstream analysis sheds light on your customers’ entire online journeys. It turns consumers’ click histories into detailed insights that you can use to grow your business. To learn exactly how, try our tactical guide to maximizing the effectiveness of clickstream analysis, or contact us for more information.

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