Airbnb Infographic: Who Uses Airbnb and Why

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Airbnb is a very popular travel service due to its intuitive user interface, cross-platform communication capabilities and double-sided user verification. Maybe you use Airbnb to plan your dream vacation, get a good deal, or just as an hotel alternative when traveling for business.

Have you ever wondered how others use Airbnb? We have, so we decided to look into Airbnb’s US bookings for Q1 of 2015. We found that the service has ample opportunity to continue growing and might benefit from focusing more of its marketing efforts on business or solo travelers.

Here are our main findings:

  1. 88% of Airbnb’s reservations were for groups of two to four people and 60% or the reservations were for the entire home / apartment.
  2. 7% of the reservations were for single guests and only 11% of the reservations were for one night stays.
  3.  The average per-night price for reservations is a remarkably affordable $80, as featured in USA Today.
  4. Only 11% of the nearly 500,000 US listings were reserved on a typical night.

These findings indicate that Airbnb is largely used for group travel or vacations and suggest that the service may benefit from focusing more of its efforts on attracting business and solo travelers.
Airbnb Infographic: US reservations for Q1 of 2015


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