America’s New Year’s Food Resolution: More Chicken and Less Sweets

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The holiday season is cause for celebrations that include friends, family and (of course) food! With January just behind us and new year resolutions still in mind, we decided to look into America’s pre and post holiday cooking trends. Our hunch was that people would crave healthier recipes in January after all the festivities had died down. Our process was to analyze consumer click-throughs from recipe searches over a four month timeline to detect search trends and month-over-month changes. If search indicated intent, click-throughs from search might indicate actual eating habits.

Read on for our food resolution findings.

Recipe Search Trends search trends using Jumpshot Keywords Research tool

We set out to investigate the top 200 U.S. consumers’ recipe search behavior and click-throughs between October 1, 2015 and January 31, 2016. Using the Jumpshot Keywords Research tool we focused our analysis on the leading websites: Google for search and for recipe search traffic. We instantly detected and increasing search traffic trend on Allrecipes that peaks in January, with a 41 percent increase in visitors from search compared to the monthly average during Q4 of 2015.

Allrecipes Search Traffic Trends

So It seems that people have resolved to cook more at home, but what are they cooking?

Pre and post-holiday cooking trends:

We grouped the leading recipes for search visitors into four distinct groups that we then analyzed. Here are our findings:

1) Sweet tooth: December is the month for sweet indulgences, with cookie recipes bringing in 1.52 times the amount of searchers compared to the average monthly for Q4 2015. The two recipes leading this trend are “The Best- Rolled Sugar Cookies” (attracting 609 percent more recipe searchers from November to December) and “Easy Sugar Cookies” (driving in 80 percent more visitors from search from November to December). Come January recipe search trends changed, decreasing the amount of visits from search for these recipes by 58.4 percent, with the “Easy Sugar Cookies” recipe decreasing by 65 percent from December to January.

2) Chicken delight: January brought forth a healthier mind-set, with low-fat high-protein chicken recipes driving in nearly double the amount of visitors from search as the monthly average for Q4. This trend was lead by “Simple Baked Chicken Breast” recipe that increased in search popularity by 77.1 percent in January compared to the monthly average for Q4.

3) Slow cookers: January also brought a clear increase in popularity for slow cooking recipes. There was a 79 percent increase in search traffic to these recipes, with “Slow Cooker Beef Stew” bringing in 30.2 percent more visitors from search In January than the monthly average for Q4.

4) Classic recipes – Like “Good Old Fashioned Pancakes” bring in on average 29.3 percent of searchers in Q4, and 36.2 percent of visitors from search in January. This 24 percent increase in searchers is mostly due to the “Good Old Fashioned Pancakes” recipe driving in 46 percent more searchers and “Easy Meatloaf” bringing in 24 percent more searchers compared to the monthly average of Q4.

Now that we’ve understood the recipe search trend, let’s focus on the leading searched recipes in January 2016:

Top 10 recipes in January 2016

Top 10 recipes on Allrecipes analyzed by Jumpshot
Interesting to note that “Cabbage Fat Burning Soup” recipe joined the top ten list in January, driving about 37 percent less traffic than that of the Pancakes and Meatloaf recipes individually.

Bottom line: Based on consumers’ recipe searching and click-throughs, it appears that ambitions to cook at home and eat healthy made many people’s New Year’s resolutions lists. This leads us to ask: what are you cooking for dinner?

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