Announcing Jumpshot Elite: Bringing Keyword Visibility Back to Search

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It’s a very exciting time here at Jumpshot and we’re anxious to tell you why. Today, we announced the launch of our newest product, Jumpshot Elite, which is democratizing data by bringing back visibility into keywords, for everyone. We’ve been working hard to perfect our new product – a product we believe will revolutionize the Search Marketing industry. But, I’m getting ahead of myself… Let me explain.

I’ve led product, marketing and data-driven analysis for 15 years and have been confronted with the frustrating reality of unavailable or incomplete data countless times, in addition to the hacks created to circumvent this problem. Add to that the ever-changing Search landscape and the transition to Encrypted Search that blocked marketers’ visibility into the organic keywords that drive people to their websites. Furthermore, most companies only have access to what their customers do on their own website, not the Internet as a whole. That leaves people wondering about 99 percent of consumers’ online activity. Can you really say you know your consumers, or excel at outreach if you only know what they do on your website?

Jumpshot supplies you with a complete picture into your consumers’ online world: what they search for, where they spend their time, what they do there, and how they get from place to place. Jumpshot Elite together with Jumpshot Keywords Research tool add another layer of valuable information and make it possible for marketers to tie organic and paid keywords to conversions for any website. Backed by the largest consumer data panel in the industry tracking more than 160 billion monthly consumer clicks, Jumpshot maps out real consumer journeys, analyzes shopping carts and actual website conversions, and tracks user navigation paths across the web.

I am a true believer in building products through continual user validation and feedback sessions, to ensure that we are providing what our customers need (not just want) to grow their business. This is how we built Jumpshot Elite: we made a prototype, shared it with search marketing experts, collected feedback and validated every step of the way.

Today Jumpshot Elite and Jumpshot’s Keywords Research tool became a reality. Search marketers can now give up the hacks and guesswork that consumes endless hours of their time and supply them with assumptions. With Jumpshot, real keywords, real conversions and real results are just a couple clicks away.

This is an amazing accomplishment that involved the whole company coming together to address a clear market need in a short period of time. When I reflect on all the hard work, creative thinking and dedication, I am proud of each and every member of the team. Thank you to the entire Jumpshot team in San Francisco and Prague!

This is just the first step in our path to democratizing data and supplying it to customers in a digestible, user friendly interface. Stay tuned, or even better, come meet us at Brightedge Share 15, SMX East 2015 or ClickZ to hear all about it.

Deren Baker, CEO of Jumpshot.

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