Announcing Jumpshot – MediaPost Digital Traffic Index Partnership

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We are very excited to announce our partnership with MediaPost and the launch of the Jumpshot Digital Traffic Index that displays the total daily internet activity within the US since the beginning of the year. The Digital Traffic Index displays mobile and web traffic trends based on the online behavior of our 115-million consumer panel. MediaPost will use Jumpshot’s Digital Traffic Index as their data source for identifying online advertising trends and industry benchmarking.

MediaPost’s first article based on Jumpshot’s Digital Traffic Index focuses on the unique online activity in the US throughout Thanksgiving day. Based on our data, Americans were more likely to be connected on their phones rather than their computers, and they remained online for longer periods. In fact, the average time a mobile visitor spent online on Thanksgiving day increased by more than 48 percent.

The data, which comes from a new daily index on the supply of digital users being introduced today by MediaPost and Jumpshot, reveals some surprising and not-so-surprising patterns on the reach, time spent and amount of content consumed by U.S. consumers day-to-day and over broad swaths of time.

The index, which is drawn from a 115-million user base, was set at 100 on Jan. 1 2015, and reports the daily volume changes in the supply of unique U.S. users across mobile, desktop and a combined digital universe — as well as their time spent, the number of pages accessed and the amount of time per page accessed. The index, which Jumpshot dubbed the Digital Traffic Index, can be accessed continually here, and can be viewed in increments ranging from one day to one year.

For more information about the Jumpshot – MediaPost cooperation check out ‘Index Benchmarks Daily Supply Of Digital Uniques: Finds Holidays, Not News, Make A Cyber Difference’ on MediaPost, or contact us at

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