Black Friday – Bigger and Better in 2019

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Man, was it just me, or did November feel long? This year, Thanksgiving came late and with it, the holiday shopping frenzy was pushed out a week. Yes, a whole week! This gave consumers ample time and opportunity to plan their shopping. This included searching for sales, cross-shopping, and of course, thinking of new things to buy. 

The pushing out of the Thanksgiving holiday also gave retailers plenty of time to target customers with additional advertising and extend deals throughout all of November, which we saw in the auto industry. 

For 2019, we saw a new trend surrounding the holiday and cyber week. For 2018, we reported that Thanksgiving 2018 had a stronger increase in transactions in comparison to Cyber Monday. For 2019, the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving has entered the game as the newest member of Cyber Week. We saw this trend forming in 2018 and data from Jumpshot’s Insights tool reveals that several retailers had a spike in sales the day before Thanksgiving. 

Jumpshot data reveals Kohl’s saw a 165% boost in transactions year-over-year from last year, growing over 140% from 2017-2019. Best Buy also took advantage of the anticipation of Cyber Week. The retailer saw nearly an 80% increase in sales the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for 2019 in comparison to 2018. Heavy hitters Amazon, Walmart, and Target also experienced an increase. Target had a great boost in 2018 as well, showing great steady growth. 

Black Friday: the Obvious and not So Obvious Winners

2019 was a huge year for Black Friday. In fact, this was the biggest Black Friday in terms of online transaction volume we’ve seen thus far. Transactions grew 19% YoY! Less than shocking, Amazon had a very successful Black Friday for 2019. The eCommerce giant grew transactions from 7,522,626 in 2018 to 9,701,289 in 2019—a 29% increase year-over-year. Kohl’s also had a fantastic Black Friday, gaining almost 90% from 2018. Best Buy also showed positive growth, rising just under 40% YoY. This is huge, as the retailer completely missed the mark in 2018 and experienced negative growth year-over-year from 2017-2018. 

As expected, Black Friday gave new life to struggling retailers, after all the holiday was created to help businesses get out of the “red” and underwater from the first 11 months of the year and back into the “black”. Black Friday gave record-breaking lifts to over 35 retailers. The top three include 2075% for Best Buy, 2053% for Gamestop and 1209% for Kohl’s. 

Top Products From Black Friday 

Similar to what we have seen and reported on for Prime Days, for Black Friday on, Jumpshot data reports that Amazon sales a lot (and we mean a lot!) of Amazon-branded products on eCommerce holidays. All top 5 products sold on for Black Friday were, in fact, Amazon products- Echo Dot, Echo Show, Fire TV Stick, and Smart Plug. 

For non-Amazon retailers, Black Friday was equally big. had an incredible day, as 12 of the top 25 products purchased (excluding were on Additionally, we observed an interesting mix of brands represented on the list. Dyson, Lego, and Verizon, for instance, were all on the list. Verizon had very strong iPhone 11 sales. Dyson and Lego each sold their own goods on their own sites and made it into the top 25, which is impressive. Instant Pot is a big seller on Amazon, Kohls, and Walmart. The brand has clearly figured out the best way to achieve partnership sales.

Discover more details on Black Friday and Cyber Week with our eCommerce Sales Soar During Cyber Week infographic.

Final Thoughts 

As the trends surrounding eCommerce holidays continue to shift and grow, it’s imperative to have the right data to tackle your marketing tactics.  

With Jumpshot you can gain insights into: 

  • What search strategies drive consumers to convert on specific websites
  • How paid listings direct conversions on your website, your competitor’s website, and specific categories 
  • What search terms are trending surrounding Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond
  • Learn cross-shopping behavior to better target your audience and more

With Jumpshot data you can obtain insights into consumers’ online journeys by mapping every search, click and buy from more than 150 marketplaces across 1,600 categories, including Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Walmart. Start your free trial today. 

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