Brand Movement at the Beginning of 2018

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The start of the new year can be tough for any retailer. After the frenzy of spending in November and December, consumers’ credit cards are hurting and prices fall in an attempt to get folks in the door. Online marketplaces are exception, and the shift can cause major shake-ups for product categories. By analyzing the purchase behavior of consumers on our panel of 100-milllion devices, we’ve taken a close look at the landscape of brand competition within a few different product categories: Headphones, Games & Puzzles, and Women’s Yoga Activewear.

To make this kind of analysis possible, Jumpshot engineers have rolled together shifting product category trees from nearly 400 walled-garden ecommerce marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, and many more. We counted all the purchases in December 2017 and January 2018 within these three categories from a larger pool comprising more than 1,600 categories. Then we found which 20 brands had the highest number of conversions over the 2-month period.

Ranking them by their share of those 20 brands’ total conversions, we’ve broken out the top 10 performers from each category below, and captured how their market share shifted month-over-month.


Between December and January, the Headphones category of saw a 46% dip in total category purchases. Among the top 10, Beats saw the steepest drop, 5 points month over month, suggesting a strong holiday season performance they couldn’t keep going into the new year.

Games & Puzzles

The Games and Puzzles category saw an even more striking drop after the holidays, posting a 66% fall in January from its December high. But Magic: the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards proved more stalwart, seeing sharp increases in their share of category purchases for January. Hasbro, meanwhile, showed its vulnerability to seasonal fluctuations, falling nearly 3 points in the category.

Yoga Activewear

Women’s Yoga Activewear was the only category in our selection that showed an overall increase in January. A solid 6% growth in purchases at large seems consonant with New Year’s resolutions. ODODOS and FIRM ABS took the most advantage, posting 5- and 2-point increases, respectively

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