Cyber Monday Hits a Home Run for 2019

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The eCommerce holiday, Cyber Monday, isn’t going anywhere, as numbers soar for 2019. Year-over-year, Cyber Monday has grown, hitting a home run for 2019. We looked at data across Jumpshot’s Insights platform for Cyber Monday across seven popular holiday categories; Electronics, Appliances, Home & Home Decor, Toys & Video Games, Beauty, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors, and Jewelry & Accessories. For 2019, across the categories, we see growth year-over-year, increasing 39% this holiday season, beating Black Friday at 33%. This is a huge win as our data revealed a 5% decline year-over-year from 2017 to 2018. 

Cyber Monday 2019 – Which Categories are Killing the Game? 

Across the seven categories, there were two distinct winners for 2019 – the Jewelry & Accessories category and Beauty. Year-over-year, Jewelry & Accessories rose from a negative standing of -14% from 2017 to 2018 to a huge Cyber Monday boost for 2019, growing nearly 80% year-over-year. Transactions expanded from 652,136 in 2018 to 1,159,312 in 2019. Jewelry has gradually become a hit with the rise of websites like Etsy.  The leading 3 websites for the category included with 52.8% of the share, with 6.3% and at 4.9%. 

The second champion for 2019 included the Beauty category. While this category wasn’t in the negative range between 2017-2018, the boost YoY was minimal at 2%. Between 2018-2019 growth elevated to a record-breaking 53%. Transactions rose from 846,046 in 2018 to 1,290,472 for2019. No surprise, for the Beauty category, Amazon was also the leading eCommerce website with 53.6% of the market share. Ulta stood out in second place with 8.3% of the share, followed by Sephora at 4.3%. 

Interestingly, although was in 8th place for websites, it was the number #1 brand on Cyber Monday. Using the Jumpshot Cross-Shopping tool, we see that while,, and were in the top three for digital retailers, none of their private label brands were in the top 10 for Cyber Monday. 

For the brand Neutrogena, currently, in 10th place, it would be important to build a strong retailer partnership for Cyber Monday 2020 to benefit from some of the momentum awarded to Clinique for the current year. 

Who Was Left Out in the Cold? 

Unlike for 2018, all of the seven categories showed positive growth for 2019. Electronics had a rough Cyber Monday last year, with -5% growth from 2017-2018. For this year, the category grew 46%. This was similar for the Appliances category. Last year the category was at -4%, but the division bounced back in 2019 to a positive 49%. Across our seven categories, Cyber Monday for 2019 was a great success. 

Looking Forward – Cyber Monday 2020 and Beyond 

The digital world of retail is continuing to grow each year. It’s critical for retailers and brands to continue to develop partnerships to encourage beneficial opportunities for both players. This could include adjusting product inventory on certain websites during promotional holidays or adjusting paid advertising for Cyber Monday in the future. For more data on Cyber Monday and Cyber Week, check out our infographic, eCommerce Sales Soar During Cyber Week

Jumpshot data can help discover new ways to build partnerships and succeed on Cyber Monday and beyond. Jumpshot provides insights into consumers’ online journeys by measuring every search, click and buy from more than 150 marketplaces across 1,600 categories, including Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Walmart. Major brands and agencies such as Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor leverage Jumpshot to help make better data-driven decisions to drive more traffic, optimize channels, improve marketing ROI, and sell more online. Ready to get serious about your data? Start your free trial today! 

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