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How Comprehensive Clickstream Data Will Help You Boost Online Sales

Have you ever wondered how consumers are making decisions in the digital marketplace and online retail sector? Without a clear picture of digital behavior, figuring out where to place and promote your product can be mystifying.    

Your team may have data for your business’s website and products, but in today’s digital marketplaces where both consumers and marketing teams are faced with more decisions than ever before, key data is needed to tool online marketing teams and boost online sales.

Jumpshot recently held a webinar, Enhance Your Ecommerce lead by Head of Digital Insights, Dr. Stephen Kraus to tackle how clickstream data can result in higher online sales. The webinar (if you’ve got 45 minutes, check it out!) lays out how leveraging clickstream data can help your team enhance their eCommerce marketing strategy and provide a more accurate picture of digital trends in retail. 

If you’re considering tooling your marketing team with better online sales data, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Does your data show a complete path-to-purchase story?
  • Does your data deliver comprehensive analytics across all marketplaces?
  • Can you trust your data?

What’s at Stake?

By not having a full map of online shopping behavior, you may not be maximizing opportunities in digital marketplaces. Your competition may be placing products in places you haven’t thought of. For instance, in the men’s shoe category, leading brands like Nike, Vans, and Adidas need to know where their competitors are selling products and on what domains. Additionally, it is important to reach out to a key segment. 

In Q1 2019, Nike lead the category for men’s shoes with over 1.1M transactions. Adidas was in second place with 626,606 transactions. For Adidas, the next step will be to see where Nike and their other competitors are selling online and with which leading domains.

Comprehensive Clickstream Data Helps Your Team:

  • Quantify transactions and digital trends in retail across categories such as uncovering search trends and domains referring to your site or brand.
  • Learn lessons from the retail sector, tracking the competitive landscape and identifying markets where Amazon and Google aren’t dominating, and your business could.
  • Identify opportunities where competitors struggle.   
  • Develop a strong eCommerce marketing strategy.

Understanding the Digital Journey 

Probably one of the most compelling aspects of clickstream data is that it helps you understand not only the digital journey of consumers in your category, but you can also see view purchasing channels in other categories and across marketplaces.

A lot of product searches are shifting directly to Amazon and are not necessarily brand-based. Jumpshot’s Digital Insights tool provides you with high level and granular data and an in-depth understanding of path-to-purchase channels.

We collect eCommerce sales data from a global panel of 100 million devices, tracking 5 billion daily actions (ie. consumer decisions), providing both a micro and macro view of the digital journey.

An analysis of this data helps you craft a profile of your online buyers by answering questions like: 

  • How is product research conducted? 
  • What content is compelling? 
  • Do influencers impact purchasing decisions? 
  • Is traffic to specific websites paid or organic?

Breakdown of the Purchasing Channels Funnel

Data from the Digital Insights tool is displayed as a funnel sort of like the World Cup playoffs starting with multiple paths that lead to the final “playoff” where, in this case, you make an online sale.

Top of the Funnel: 

  • Search data allows you to:
    • Understand how to leverage macro trends such as growing product searches on Amazon and the rise of “zero-click” and voice searches on Google.
    • Enhance your SEO & PPC strategies by tracking eCommerce traffic and conversions for every site, not just your own.
  • Content data lets you:  
    • Discover where your consumers browse, stream, and read. This helps you create relevant content and meet customers where they are.

Check out the Enhancing your eCommerce Strategy webinar, mentioned above, for enlightening case studies in this area.

  • Influencer data helps you:
    • Utilize the best social media platforms and influencers based on tangible, obtainable traffic metrics.
    • View conversion rates for ads from influencers—often quite high compared to traditional advertising.

Bottom of the Funnel:

The bottom of the funnel is the shopping session where brands duke it out. You need to know how to compete. Our article on the 5 Top Brands in Lip Cosmetics explains Insight’s Cross-Shopping and Purchase Analysis features, keys to grasping the nuances of the online buyer’s “moment of decision”.

Setting up your Digital Data Dashboard

When considering how to tool your team with effective online retail market data, you might check out our eBook on 5 Critical Metrics to Add to Your eCommerce Data Dashboard.

And then ask yourself, are you ready to:

  • Place your product where customers actually browse online?
  • Understand how consumers search and compare products in your category?
  • See how competition performs in your category across retail domains?

If yes, it might be time to check out our free two-week trial to see if Digital Insights is the next step for boosting online sales for your company.

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