Show Off the Show: Amazon’s Pre-Prime Day Sales Strategy

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First launched in 2015, Amazon’s self-created Prime Day in July has served as a sort of Black Friday-ish holiday filled with slashed prices on its eCommerce site.

As in years past, Amazon has tried to build hype by offering reducing prices ahead of Prime Day (this year on July 17), especially on its own signature products. Case in point: the Echo Show, the newest version of the Echo smart speaker.

The discount went into effect on July 3 (and will run until Prime Day). So far, Jumpshot data on purchases for the Echo Show indicates almost 7x growth above average.

Amazon’s ability to promote their own products has been invaluable for the retailer. We’ll be investigating how Amazon may have fresh room for growth by acting more like an advertiser than a seller.

Will Prime Day soon be like Black Friday, where many retailers start the party days early? Or is this pricing strategy specific to the Echo Show? We’ll break down what we see in the coming months, and offer a full Prime Day recap once the dust has settled.


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