Cartoons and nostalgia takeover Netflix: America’s streaming analyzed

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Every month, Netflix shares new content with its audience in an attempt to glue viewers to their screens. One thing the streaming behemoth doesn’t share though, is information about its audience. That’s where we come in with our monthly analysis of what is being watched on Netflix, when, and for how long.

This month, we found that while the overall streaming activity decreased by more than 10 percent since our last analysis, Netflix Originals’ audience increased by nearly 25 percent since May and doubled throughout Q2. Another high-level takeaway is that cartoons and anime shows attract more than half of the binge watchers. Read on for our full findings.

June’s Results: Top ten shows binged and watched on Netflix

We analyzed Americans’ Netflix streaming activity in June, and focused on two distinct behavioral cohorts: “Binge watchers,” who watch at least five episodes a day, and “casual viewers” who watch a minimum of 20 minutes of a show in a day. Our data indicates that while the overall Netflix activity has decreased since May, the activity around Netflix Originals has increased MoM.

Family Guy took first place for binge watchers, and second place for casual viewers. The show’s popularity aligns with our previous analysis, where we found that Family Guy saw a 62 percent MoM increase in binge-watching, and a 41 percent increase in show viewership. This month’s growth expands the show’s audience by 25 percent compared to the year’s monthly average. A clear trend is emerging, with 52 percent of the binge watchers and 44 percent of the casual viewers of the leading shows watching cartoons and anime series.

As for the rest, the usual suspects made the cut, with some major changes since last month. Here is a full rundown of what we have found:

Top 10 Binged Shows Top 10 Watched Shows
# Title % of Top 10 Title % of Top 10
1 Family Guy 17% The Office (U.S.) 14%
2 American Dad! 16% Family Guy 14%
3 The Office (U.S.) 13% American Dad! 13%
4 Friends 11% Orange Is the New Black 13%
5 Bob’s Burgers 11% Friends 10%
6 Futurama 8% Bob’s Burgers 10%
7 How I Met Your Mother 8% Futurama 7%
8 Parks and Recreation 6% How I Met Your Mother 7%
9 That ’70s Show 5% Parks and Recreation 7%
10 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 4% That ’70s Show 5%

How do Netflix Originals compare?

Netflix Originals are without a doubt gaining traction, as the amount of casual viewers and binge watchers have increased consistently throughout the last quarter. Netflix Originals’ audience has doubled, and binge-watching activity has increased by 44 percent in Q2. In June, Netflix Originals’ audience grew by 23 percent, mostly due to Orange is the New Black and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

The fourth season of Orange is the New Black was released on June 17 and took first place for Netflix Original viewers, attracting an astonishing 40 percent of the viewers and roughly four times the audience of the runner up Voltron: Legendary Defender. This is further proof that viewership spikes dramatically following a new season release.

The first season of the Netflix Original cartoon series Voltron: Legendary Defender was released on June 10, taking first place for binge-watching activity, and second place for casual viewers. The show’s popularity is further evidence of viewers’ love for cartoons, which account for 41 percent of the Netflix Original binge-watching activity.

The downfall of Netflix’s all-in-one release strategy is a shortened show shelf life, with viewership decreasing dramatically in the days and weeks following a release. For instance in May, Grace and Frankie took first place for binge-watching and casual show viewership following the release of its second season, but in June, the show’s audience plummeted to only a third of May’s numbers.

Top 10 Binged Netflix Originals Top 10 Watched Netflix Originals
# Title % of Top 10 Title % of Top 10
1 Voltron: Legendary Defender 17% Orange Is the New Black 40%
2 Trailer Park Boys 15% Voltron: Legendary Defender 12%
3 Arrested Development 14% Grace and Frankie 8%
4 Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure 10% Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 7%
5 The Seven Deadly Sins 10% Arrested Development 7%
6 Star Wars: The Clone Wars 8% Trailer Park Boys 7%
7 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 8% Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure 5%
8 Grace and Frankie 7% Peaky Blinders 5%
9 Dragons: Race to the Edge 6% Bloodline 5%
10 Fuller House 4% Star Wars: The Clone Wars 4%

A notable mention goes to Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere that was released on June 1, and is already in 19th place for the most popular Netflix Originals viewed that month.

Bottom line: This month’s analysis of American streaming behavior on Netflix has found that Netflix Originals are gaining traction, doubling their audience in Q2 2016, mostly due to well awaited releases like Orange is the New Black. However, we also continue to see evidence that whatever goes up tends to go down, as viewership surges following releases only to decline dramatically the following weeks and months. We will continue to look into America’s streaming behavior and will report back next month, so stay tuned!

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