Connect the dots from customers' online to offline behavior

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Clickstream analysis can shed light on the entire online journey of your customer base or internally-defined customer segments. We’ve recently explored the unique insights that it can reveal about your customers and prospects. And, we’ve shown you how to use clickstream analysis to attribute off-site sales to marketing campaigns. Now, you’ll see how clickstream analysis, together with panel matching, can uncover the influence that the online journey has on offline events. In short, clickstream analysis provides an easy way to do online to offline attribution.

Online to offline attribution with clickstream analysis

The ability to connect the dots from consumers’ online to offline behavior is groundbreaking, especially if you engage with customers in the real world, because it gives you deep insights into the influence of online activity on the offline events that drive your business. You can learn about what your customers do online before and after events such as in-store purchases, in-house service calls, mailed-in rebates, over-the-phone purchases, calls to customer service, live event attendance, and more.

As long as you have data about these events, and the customers behind them, you can merge your own 1st-party data with Jumpshot’s clickstream data of its 100-million user panel via a panel matching process and use the resulting matches for online to offline attribution.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Jumpshot sends 2nd-party clickstream-based data from its panel to an audience matching platform.
  2. You send your 1st-party data, or consolidated data from your data management platform, to the same audience matching platform.
  3. The data sets are merged to provide you with a dataset that contains all the Jumpshot panelists that overlap with your customers. You now have full clickstream information for this group of customers going all the way back to January 2014.
  4. As long as your connection to the audience matching platform stays live, new clickstream activity of the relevant Jumpshot panelists will continue to be matched with your customer activity on an ongoing basis that’s current to the prior day.

Audience matching anonymously combines Jumpshot’s clickstream data with your 1st-party data

Jumpshot audience matching

Once you have matched your audience to Jumpshot’s panel, you gain the ability to analyze all of the online activities that are influencing customer engagement and sales in the real world.

Forms of analysis possible when your audience has been matched to Jumpshot’s panel

1. Omni-channel: Connect all your customers’ online search, browsing and purchase activity to all of their offline engagement with your brand. Let’s say you’re an electronics maker and you just announced a recall for a popular product and offered a repair or discount on a replacement. If you capture the participants of the recall in your own 1st-party data and merge it with Jumpshot’s clickstream data, then you can analyze the results. This lets you look back at how customers might have learned about the recall and look forward to discover where those who bought a replacement product shopped, be it online with you or a competitor, or in your retail store.

2. Journey analytics: Analyze the online activity of your internally-defined customer segments. For example, compare frequent and infrequent in-store customers. Or, determine differences between customers with a cart value that’s above average, average, and below average. Use these insights to formulate a plan for converting infrequent customers to frequent customers or for growing the average shopping cart value among shoppers.

3. Audience quantification: Understand tangible intent behavior about your customers by looking at the e-commerce sites, product categories, brands, and individual products they explore online, the products they actually buy online, and where they complete their online purchases. Filter the results down to just the actions that your in-store customers are taking with your competitors online. Use this data to develop offers designed to shift these purchasing behaviors in your favor and steal away market share from the competition.

These three forms of analysis unlock new capabilities to better understand and serve your customers. For more information about the insights that can be reached by matching your audience to Jumpshot’s panel, click here

Bottom line: Clickstream attribution delivers powerful insights even without panel matching. When you append your own data to clickstream activity via an audience matching platform, the power of clickstream attribution grows even stronger. It makes it incredibly easy to do online to offline attribution with great consistency. And, it’s always on, always delivering the information that you need to make customer-centric business decisions.

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