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Attribute marketplace sales to marketing campaigns and benchmark sales performance against industry peers

From a favorite cereal to a preferred coffee brand or a trusted household cleaning product, CPG companies are ingrained in their customers’ daily lives. However, CPG companies focus mainly on selling their products through distribution partners rather than direct-to-consumer, resulting in little visibility into the impact of their digital marketing efforts on actual consumer browsing and purchasing behavior. Jumpshot’s solutions can help CPG companies understand the influence of their advertising campaigns on sales, and benchmark marketplace sales performance against industry peers to understand where they command or lag in terms of market share.

Marketplace Report

Detect brand market share by marketplace transactions

Panasonic dominates headphone sales on Amazon with nearly 3x the market share of the runner up Sennheiser. Panasonic’s advantage over competing headphone brands can be seen even more clearly when individual products are taken into account. Panasonic’s in-ear headphones account for 76% of the purchases, while the second most popular product accounts for merely 9% of the transactions.


Search Feed

Identify organic and paid keyword share of voice

While eBay is in the lead for paid search traffic from chocolate bar searches, its direct competitor – Amazon – ranks second for organic click-throughs. This finding is indicative of opposing search strategies among the e-commerce giants, with Amazon focusing its efforts on acquiring organic market share and eBay focusing on paid search.

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