Consumer Packaged Goods

Attribute marketplace sales to marketing campaigns and benchmark sales performance against industry peers

Jumpshot’s solutions help CPG companies understand the impact of their ad campaigns on 3rd-party online sales, increased awareness via intent behavior, and overall audience behavior. In addition, CPGs are able to benchmark marketplace sales performance against industry peers to identify where they stand in terms of market share.

Site Analysis

Investigate consumer cross-visitation behavior

Pinpointing the competitors that successfully attract your customers is imperative to understanding the competitive landscape. A cross-visitation analysis for beauty brands found evidence of significant customer overlap between Ulta and Sephora.

34% – Customers that begin their journey on Sephora also visit Ulta and vice versa

5X – Customers that start on Sephora or Ulta are more likely to cross-visit than customers that initially visit the two competing beauty brands

10X – Customers that start on Sephora or Ulta are more inclined to visit the other brand than customers that initially visit L’Oréal Paris or Bare Escentuals


Marketplace Report

Detect brand market share by marketplace transactions

Granular marketplace sales information on category, brand and product levels help companies understand their market share and who they are up against. An Amazon analysis reveals that Panasonic dominates the headphone market on that marketplace.

2.7X – Panasonic’s advantage over the runner up Sennheiser for headphone market share

76% – Panasonic in-ear headphones share of top product sales

9% – The share of sales of the second most popular headphone product

Search Feed

Identify organic and paid keyword share of voice

Analyzing the share of organic and paid click-throughs from specific search queries sheds light on underlying search strategies. A competitive search analysis around “chocolate bar” keywords reveals that Amazon dominates organic search while eBay owns paid search.

28%Ebay’s share of paid clicks on “chocolate bar”

15% – Amazon’s share of organic traffic from chocolate bar searches


Campaign Optimization

Attribute customer intent to digital campaigns

Jumpshot can tie digital ad campaigns to intent-behavior metrics, including increases in advertiser-related Google searches, advertiser product purchases across distributor sites, and more.

14% lift in Tide product purchases on Amazon

8% increase in “Tide” related Google searches by those exposed to Tide ads.

12% increase in Tide product views on Target

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