Data-driven dating: How to be the Million Dollar Marketing Matchmaker

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As we approach the end of April, we embark on wedding season. With so many options to try out online dating, singles looking to find a match are looking at an entirely different landscape compared to five years ago. There’s quite a bit of user behavior in the dating world that marketers want to know: Do millennials prefer Bumble, or are they unexpectedly using FarmersOnly? Do users of eHarmony stream sad music after leaving the platform?

Marketers across industries are plagued by these questions, even more so now as peak dating season coincides with a plethora of dating options. Where, and how, should your marketing budget be allocated for the “I need a wedding date” frenzy?

At Jumpshot, we have insights on this very subject. Not because we’re dating experts, but because through customer journey mapping, we’re able to identify unique behavioral cohorts within each dating site that reveal previously unknown purchasing and searching habits of users. Our online behavioral data provides alternative ways of looking at consumer segments and new ways to reach customers.

To illustrate this point, we analyzed the customer journey of online dating users for JDate, ChristianMingle, eHarmony, and FarmersOnly. These behavioral cohorts provided many typical observations, but also showed how multifaceted online daters are (and how marketers should assess them). Here are the insights we found, and how marketers can best act on these insights. Singles may even find some hidden gems, too.

Must love vacuums (and dogs)

The dating data:

  • JDate users purchase vacuum cleaners nearly 35x more than the general population. Additionally, this cohort is 10x more likely to search for Skype.

How to be the million dollar marketing matchmaker:

  • ‘Fun facts’ are great, but a savvy programmatic advertising or marketing firm would look at this and realize that buying ad space on JDate for Dyson vacuums would be a smart move.


Harmonious times with Sam Smith

The dating data:

  • Two key findings emerged from our analysis of eHarmony users. First, they love Sam Smith, as 12 percent of users stream Sam Smith’s hits “I’m Not the Only One” and “Stay With Me.”
  • Second, we found that users are 35x more likely to search for “PBS Kids.” Assessing eHarmony’s brand, this makes sense as it skews towards an older, more established demographic of daters looking for commitment. Many may have kids or grand kids, explaining the disproportionate amount of searches for kids’ TV programming.

How to be the million dollar marketing matchmaker:

  • eHarmony should target single parents with its marketing efforts. It already has strong brand recognition within this cohort, but increasing its exposure through targeted ad buys and promotional messaging where single parents search, click and shop could increase user signups.


Every rose has its thorn, even Grace

The dating data:

  • ChristianMingle users stream “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses just as much as they stream “Amazing Grace”
  • Users stream Christian music videos 8x more frequently than the general population
  • They’re also 20x more likely to search for anime and fantasy games on Google, such as OSU, Cross Games, and oO.

How to be the million dollar marketing matchmaker:

  • While some insights may not be surprising, such as ChristianMingle users streaming Christian music videos more often than the general population, others could open up a world of opportunity for the favorite brands of ChristianMingle users.
  • To capitalize on an unknown fact, like users’ searching rates for anime and fantasy games, ChristianMingle’s marketers should consider expanding its SEO strategy to include fantasy game terms


Getting fit on the farm

The dating data:

  • Much like our findings from ChristianMingle, FamersOnly had many expected results. We found that daters on FarmersOnly search for Bass Pro Shop, Tractor Supply Co., and Dollar General more often than the general population, but we also stumbled upon some new data points.
  • FarmersOnly’s customers bought FitBit activity trackers 8x more than the general population, and they also Googled “21 Day Fix” fitness plans 14x more than the general population.

How to be the million dollar marketing matchmaker:

  • should buy ad space on fitness-focused sites, such as


Bottom line: All of these insights are interesting, but what the “next steps” outlined above signify is the power of alternative data sets. “Data-driven” is synonymous with the marketing and advertising industry, as no modern marketer is making decisions without assessing the data available. Alternative data sets derived from clickstream data and comprehensive customer journey mapping can provide those in the industry with untapped customer segments, and endless future opportunities.

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