Personal Finance

Analyze your customers' entire online footprint to better understand their interest in your financial products or your competition

Jumpshot’s online behavioral data solutions provide personal finance organizations with greater insight into their customers and the competition, from benchmarking search performance, identifying behavioral differences among brokerage firms, analyzing cross-domain visitation for banking sites, understanding path-to-quote for auto insurance, and more.

Site Analysis

Analyze Path-to-Quote Funnels

A competitive online behavioral analysis of the full Path-to-Quote funnels of auto insurance providers shows that while Geico has the highest share of traffic, Progressive dominates the market.

36% – Geico has the largest share of traffic

5% – Geico’s share of auto insurance quotes

65% – Progressive’s share of auto insurance quotes


Investigate Path-to-Trade Funnels

Click-by-click analysis of the Path-to-Trade reveals that E-Trade has the most active customer-base, which is reflected by the highest account registration and trading rates.

84% – E-Trade’s visitors are more inclined to register for brokerage accounts than Schwab’s

79% – E-Trade’s users login to their accounts more than Fidelity’s users

4-5X – E-Trade’s customers perform more stock trades

Search Feed

Identify any site’s leading organic and paid keywords

While brokerage firms rely mostly on organic traffic from both brand and non-brand terms, a non-brand analysis reveals fundamental differences in SEO and SEM tactics.

5 of Fidelity’s top ranking organic keywords are also company-owned domains

“ASAZY” ticker symbol searches generate the highest volume of paid traffic to Schwab

3/5 of E-Trade’s most clicked search ads follow a long-tail consumer query


Audience Analytics

Analyze your customers’ complete online footprints

Insights into what your customers search, stream and purchase online can help you better identify opportunities to engage them. Audience analysis for E-Trade, Fidelity and Schwab reveals that their visitors show more intent to travel internationally than the general population.

7-8X – Searches for travel related services and credit cards

3.5X – Exotic travel videos viewed

*compared to general population

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