Five Tips to Take Your SEO to The Next Level in 2016

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The search industry is in a constant state of flux. The days of search engine optimization focusing on the technical aspects of website structure, navigation, metadata and the likes are long gone. SEO has become a higher-stakes game, grounded in a holistic marketing approach that involves cultivating micro-influencer relationships, crafting original and compelling content, and gathering social followers while still delivering top rankings for organic searches.

The SEO tools of trade have also evolved throughout the years. Traditional analytics software is simply not enough anymore. Google Analytics and Omniture do not provide visibility into your organic keywords, they do not reveal to you what your customers do on other websites and, most importantly, they do not supply a way for marketers to analyze and optimize conversions from natural search.

Jumpshot’s CEO Deren Baker taps into his 15 plus years of experience as an executive in the extremely competitive travel tech industry to supply search marketers with five tips to boost their search engine optimization efforts, in an article for The Marketing Scope.

Your company is likely sitting atop a wealth of deep data that could be used to boost your SEO. If your team is just using Google Analytics, then you’re missing out on valuable information necessary to gain a competitive edge.

SEO is more important than ever, and you need to make sure you’re getting it right. Look beyond simple web analytics and your business will thrive.

Get on top of your SEO game in 2016 by knowing more about your consumers and their online lives, identifying the exact organic and paid keywords driving people and sales to your website as well as your competitors’, track market trends, ensure your website is user friendly and measure the impact of your offline initiatives.


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