Focused Upstream Analytics: An Easy Way to Pinpoint Relevant Customer Insights

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Upstream Analytics can show every URL that your customers visited prior to converting. It provides a powerful way to understand and act on customer insights, but the data can be unwieldy and can require some serious data manipulation chops to handle.

Focused Upstream Analytics narrows the potentially unwieldy upstream analytics data set into a smaller, more digestible amount. Jumpshot is able to  filter the data to just the URLS from 10 domains, which you designate. These are the specific URLs that your audience segment visited across these 10 domains prior to taking a specific online action that you’re interested in. Anyone with Excel or Google Sheets can evaluate this smaller data set, so it’s accessible to any manager in your business.

Focused Upstream Analytics works best when managers use it to pinpoint the customer insights that are the most relevant to their job. Here are some examples:

What industry news articles do customers read?

PR managers can more effectively steer the conversation with customers if they know the industry news articles that this audience is reading. When a lot of customers have read an article that aligns with the company’s messaging, the PR manager can amplify it. Or, if customers voraciously consume content about a partner, the PR manager can pursue joint press with that partner.

What influencers do customers engage with?

Social media managers can find the influencers to engage with more deeply by looking at the most popular influencer profiles. Every social network has influencers, so the social media manager would start with all URLs accessed across the top 10 social networks for their space. They’ll be able to see who, among the audience segment, is popular on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other leading social networks. They can use this information to pinpoint the key influencers to reach out to.

What products do customers view elsewhere?

E-commerce managers can spot new sales opportunities by studying the products that customers view on major e-commerce sites like Amazon and If customers viewed products elsewhere and then bought with you, it could indicate that something about your offer is more appealing than the other offers. This is an advantage that can be amplified with advertising. Or, if customers view a lot of products in a category you don’t yet carry, it could be time to expand into that category of products.

What coupon pages are in the conversion path?

Marketing managers can examine the coupon sites that customers visit prior to converting on a competitor’s site. At the domain level, Focused Upstream Analytics provides a comparative measure of the influence of up to ten different coupon sites. At the page level, it provides a view into the most popular coupons. This information can help steer coupon marketing strategy.

What distributor pages do a brand’s Facebook audience visit?

Brand managers can identify opportunities to optimize their brand’s presence on distributor websites by looking at all the URLs that their Facebook audience visits on these sites. One way this can be done is by looking back from an event such as when consumers visit a brand’s Facebook page. Looking upstream at distributors from this point can show which distributors correlate with a brand’s social media audience and which pages on each distributor’s site successfully reached that audience. Some of these pages may have opportunities to elevate the prominence of the brand. For example, a popular category page might have an opportunity to put a single product front and center on the page. Or, a popular product page might have an opportunity to promote a package deal that encourages visitors to buy two products from the brand instead of just one.

Bottom line: You can have a secret analytics advantage by taking two simple steps. First,  determine the most important information you want to know about the URLs that people visit. Do you need to know what news articles they read, what influencers they engage with, what products they view, what coupons they consider, or what distributors they visit? Once you know what it is, work with Jumpshot to get Focused Upstream Analytics. We’ll deliver the insights that you seek so that you can align your activities directly with the interests of your customers.

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