Four key consumer behavioral trends detected by clickstream analysis

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To wrap-up 2016, we have prepared a quick overview of the behavioral trends we have detected throughout the year. We have analyzed the clickstream activity of our 100-million consumer panel to shed light on multiple aspects of their online lives, including online shopping activity, streaming behavior, travel bookings and stock searches. Here is what we have found:

Online streaming trends

Netflix’s all-in-one season release strategy causes big spikes in viewership whenever a new season of a show becomes available on the streaming platform. We saw this every month for almost every show, with the exception of Making a Murderer. However, this release strategy has a downside, as it shortens the shelf live of a show. After the initial audience blast viewership drops sharply in the weeks and months that follow.

This release strategy separates Netflix from the broadcast networks, as well as rival streaming platforms the likes of Hulu and HBO Go, which stick to a weekly release schedule in an attempt to lure viewers to return to the platform week after week. Check out our full comparative analysis of Netflix vs. HBO Go for more.

Online shopping preferences

We have seen that Amazon does well selling Amazon-brand products, including AmazonBasics products as well as the company’s higher ticket smart home devices. These products dominate the list of the top ten products sold every month, as well top ten lists for retail holidays such as Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

However, we have found that this trend is more prominent in the US than in the UK, where Amazon customers have more diverse shopping carts.

Travel booking activity

We have learned that while mobile web traffic can indicate overall traffic levels to travel booking websites, the vast majority of accommodation bookings still happen on desktops. This is true on a global level and is an interesting observation about what “everyone” says is our mobile-first world.

Take a look at our full online travel analysis for additional details and information.

Stock ticker searches

By looking into the stock tickers searched by US residents on Yahoo Finance, we learned that national news drives interest in stock indexes. Searches for individual company stocks are driven by corporate news and quarterly earnings reports. Our data also indicates that there is one big exception: Apple gets a great deal of interest year round.

Bottom line: We have detected four main behavioral trends in 2016, which cover multiple aspects of consumers’ online lives. We will continue to analyze our panel’s clickstream activity and report back with new insights in 2017, so stay tuned!

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