Gain access to your competitors’ sales and search programs with Jumpshot: Introducing the Jumpshot Beta Section

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We at Jumpshot are constantly adding advanced features and capabilities to our marketing analytics platform. Our goal is twofold; help you grow your business with better data-driven decisions and democratize big data analytics. Today, we are very excited to unveil our new Beta Section, which provides early access to the upcoming Jumpshot features and capabilities.

The Jumpshot Beta Section currently includes three new capabilities that allow companies to gain an insider’s view of their competitors’ sales and search programs: Keyword Click Share, On-Site Search and Conversion Trends. While these features are in beta we will continue to refine them and add auto-detected conversion trends and site search data for additional domains until we cover the entire web.

Keyword Click Share

In both SEO and SEM, marketers are constantly competing with countless other companies for the attention of consumers searching for terms related to their brands, products or services. However, most companies only have access to incomplete or estimated keyword data, which is only relevant to their own search programs and websites.

The Jumpshot Keyword Click Share feature goes beyond the shallow impression-based data available for AdWords campaigns and estimated organic traffic tools to provide click share information for both organic and paid search traffic. This features helps you understand where you stand: who you are competing against, and how those organic and paid click-throughs are distributed across the web.

Use the Jumpshot Keyword Click Share capability to quickly identify the leading domains for “basketball shoes” searches, discover which companies actively bid on specific keywords, understand the distribution of organic and paid clicks per keyword across all domains, identify keyword opportunities, and more.

Jumpshot Click Share Feature

In recent iterations of the Jumpshot Keywords Research solution we’ve added advanced capabilities to our competitive search data, allowing companies to identify domain-specific keyword trends and track multiple conversion points per domain. This addition is the final piece of the keyword puzzle, and with it Jumpshot provides in-depth keyword click and conversion data on the keyword and domain levels.

After covering the traffic and conversions that originate from major search engines we decided to move on to reveal competitive on-site search activity.

On-Site Search

When consumers search for a product or service they are expressing their intent to purchase that product or subscribe to that service. And the platform consumers search on is a good indicator to the extent of their intent to purchase. As consumers’ search behavior becomes more specific- either by the keywords they use, websites they search on, or a combination of both- the likelihood they will convert from passive visitors to paying customers increases. Understanding consumer search behavior is crucial for optimizing funnels and increasing conversions.

Jumpshot’s On-Site Search feature supplies you with competitive intelligence about your target’s behavior on your competitors’ properties. Analyze a specific website, or compare two domains to understand what consumers look for when visiting your competition, and identify opportunities to dominate the market.

Use the Jumpshot On-site Search capability to identify the leading products searched on Amazon, analyze the proportion of consumers searching for “laptops” on eBay and Amazon, identify new product releases and more.

Jumpshot On-Site Search Feature

Gain a complete picture of consumers search, click-through and purchasing behaviors, wherever they browse with Jumpshot’s Keywords Research solution and On-site Search feature.

Conversion Trends

Traffic, searches and user engagement are nice, but conversions are the name of the game. Jumpshot’s new Conversion Trends feature gives you an insider’s view into your competitors’ sales, by providing you with real-time conversion counts as well as historical conversion trends. Beat the competition with ready to use competitive conversion data, provided by Jumpshot.

Use the Jumpshot Conversion Trends capability to quickly analyze the sales performance of a specific website, or even compare the purchasing behaviors on two domains. Analyze Expedia seasonal purchase trends, discover Amazon and eBay sales volumes, compare Macy’s and J.Crew’s sales trends, identify Walmart flash sales and Airbnb promotions, and much more. Conversion trends are currently only available for the leading e-commerce platforms and services, including: Amazon, eBay, Airbnb Netflix, Expedia, Walmart and more.

Jumpshot Competitive Conversion Trend Feature

This is yet another step in our path to democratize big data and provide competitive keyword and conversion data to everyone. Our goal is to help you gain insights and optimize your marketing programs based on actual consumer behavior and competitive analysis. We’ll continue to share our product news as we add new features and capabilities to the Jumpshot platform, so stay tuned!

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