Gift cards big for Christmas: Top 10 products sold on Amazon in December

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Gift card and Echo Dot sales drove a 30 percent month-over-month increase in the volume of US consumers that purchased a top ten product on Amazon in December. In fact, Americans’ preference for Amazon-brand products reached record highs, accounting for 81 percent of the purchases in December. Meanwhile in the UK, purchase volumes remained stable, but customers replaced their preference for gaming products with books. Read on for our full online shopping analysis.

Top 10 products purchased by US consumers in December

Every month we analyze individual products purchased by US and UK consumers on Amazon to detect the top ten products purchased and MoM trends in purchase behavior. This month, we found clear evidence that the holiday season was a happy one for Amazon as 30 percent more Americans purchased one of their top ten products since November, which itself was up 178 percent over October.

In November, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for the all new Echo Dot, and Amazon’s voice controlled Fire TV stick drove triple digit increases in product sales, driving these products to the top two slots, as well as most of the MoM increase in top ten purchases. In December, these two Amazon-brand products fell one slot in the list, while Amazon gift cards rose to first place.

Amazon gift cards, the all new Echo Dot, and Amazon’s voice controlled Fire TV stick accounted together for two thirds of top ten purchases in December, with gift card sales up nearly 10x from November. Amazon gift cards were the most popular product purchased by US resident throughout 2016, claiming first place every month except November. In December, Amazon gift card sales accounted for nearly a third of top ten activity.

What else? November’s most popular product, the second generation Echo Dot, came in second with a quarter of the top ten product purchases in December, following a 68 percent increase in purchases since November.  And, November’s runner up, the Fire TV Stick with Alexa fell to third place accounting for 11 percent of the activity, following a 22 percent MoM decrease in purchases.

# Product % of Top 10 MoM Changes
1 Amazon Gift Cards 31% 960%
2 Echo Dot 2nd Generation 25% 68%
3 Fire TV Stick with Alexa 11% -22%
4 Cards Against Humanity 6% N/A
5 Fire, 7″ Display, 8 GB 5% -8%
6 Final Fantasy XV for PS4 5% 23%
7 Amazon Echo 5% -17%
8 Cambridge SoundWorks Bluetooth Speaker 4% N/A
9 SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC 4% 19%
10 AmazonBasics HDMI Cable 4% N/A

Interestingly, Cards Against Humanity was the most popular non-Amazon product purchased in December, claiming fourth place with 6 percent of top ten sales.

Top 10 products purchased by UK residents on Amazon in December

Since we began analyzing the Amazon shopping carts of UK consumers last January, the one constant had been heavy purchases of gaming products. This changed in December, as not a single video game ranked among the top ten best sellers. What did? Books, which accounted for 35 percent of purchases for the UK’s leading products.

Number one on the list for the third consecutive month was Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, bringing in 23 percent of December’s top ten purchasers. Still, a drop of one-third from November, when Amazon discounted it for Black Friday.

Five on Brexit Island was the most popular book purchased and the second most popular product purchased in December, attracting 11 percent of top ten purchasers with its comedic spin on the Brexit referendum. Amazon gift cards claimed third place in the UK, with 10 percent of purchases. Amazon’s gift cards were less popular in the UK than the US but still perform well on both sides of the Atlantic.

Shoppers in the US and UK also share a liking for the popular party game Cards Against Humanity, which made up 8 percent of the top ten product purchases in the UK.

# Product % of Top 10 MoM Changes
1 Fire TV Stick 23% -33%
2 Five on Brexit Island 11% N/A
3 Amazon Gift Card 10% N/A
4 The GCHQ Puzzle Book 10% N/A
5 Echo Dot 2nd Generation 8% 2%
6 SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC 8% 81%
7 Cards Against Humanity 8% N/A
8 Hello, is this planet Earth?: My View from the International Space Station 8% N/A
9 Blue & Lonesome 8% N/A
10 Together 7% 21%

Bottom line: December was a good month for Amazon on both sides of the Atlantic, though the US and UK markets are as different as they are alike. Amazon-brand products, especially gift cards do well in both markets. Books did very well with UK shoppers, while the Fire TV Stick with Alexa and Echo Dot devices did better in the US than the UK. What surprises will January bring? Come back and find out.

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