Identify patient preferences, tendencies and needs with granular behavioral insights into their entire online journeys

From understanding how potential medication-purchasing customers respond to digital campaigns to benchmarking path-to-completion for drug-savings cards to getting a bird’s-eye view of the search landscape, Jumphot’s solutions can help a variety of healthcare companies in numerous ways.

Site Analysis

Analyze Path-to-Prescription Funnels

A click-by-click analysis of the full prescription savings card funnels of four leading brand prescription drugs shows that while Humira has the highest share of traffic, Xarelto dominates the savings card market.

48% – Humira has the largest share of traffic

5% – Humira’s share of savings card initiations

47% – Xarelto’s share of prescription savings cards


Search Feed

Identify the top keywords for organic and paid traffic

Analyzing the share of organic and paid click-throughs from specific keywords can indicate underlying search strategies. A competitive search traffic analysis for “high cholesterol” reveals that general reference websites dominate paid search while medical information publishers own organic search.

75% – Reference websites’ share of paid traffic from high cholesterol searches

92% – Medical Information sites’ share of organic traffic from high cholesterol queries

14% – The share paid traffic to cholesterol drug and supplement providers from “high cholesterol”

Audience Analytics

Analyze the full online footprint of customer segments

Knowing what your customers search, stream and purchase online can help you better identify opportunities to engage them. Audience analysis for four leading prescription drug websites reveals that their visitors are more health minded than the general population.

10X“Alzheimer’s and the Brain” streaming

8X – WebMD searches

6.2X – Fitbit searches


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