Heroes, Villains and Pikachu: Top 10 Halloween costumes in 2016

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As creepy clown hysteria grips America, we at Jumpshot wanted to ensure this Halloween wouldn’t be plagued with the same fate. We analyzed consumer searches and click-throughs to the internet’s largest e-commerce sites to decipher the most popular Halloween costumes and outlets. We found that Hollywood and Halloween have a lot in common, with Marvel and DC Comics characters accounting for half of the Halloween costume search activity.

And rest assured – you won’t see too many clowns on the street, as only 3 percent of the Halloween costume searches were for clown costumes. Still looking for inspiration for tonight? Keep reading to see the top ten most popular Halloween costumes of 2016.

Where to shop: The leading sites for Halloween costume shopping

We couldn’t analyze consumer costume searches without looking at the e-commerce sites consumers flocked to for this Halloween, as well as last Halloween. Shocker: Amazon was at the top of the list, with nearly a third of the Halloween costume searchers. Party City was a close second, taking 26 percent of the overall search traffic.

While Amazon and Party City topped the top ten list and gained 4-5 percent in share year-over-year, eBay is the outlier of the group. Between 2015 and 2016, eBay’s share of Halloween costume search traffic fell from 19 percent to just 2 percent. Etsy also saw a substantial decrease in YoY Halloween search traffic, losing 8 percent in market share since last year.

Our data also indicates that Halloween shopping tends to be last minute, as 40 percent of the search traffic to these seven sites originated from consumer searches in the two weeks leading up to Halloween.

Year-of-year share of search traffic to leading e-commerce sites for Halloween shopping:

# Site 2016 2015
1 Amazon 31% 26%
2 Party City 26% 22%
3 Spirit Halloween 23% 12%
4 Walmart 10% 5%
5 Etsy 4% 12%
6 Target 4% 4%
7 eBay 2% 19%

We all just want to be heroes on Halloween: Top 10 costume keywords in 2016

Expect to see lots of heroes and villains trick-or-treating tonight, as half of the most searched costumes were from comic books-turned-movies. The most popular superhero costume goes to Suicide Squad, accounting for a quarter of the costume searches. Pokémon Go’s popularity this summer has carried over to Halloween, bringing it to second place with 16 percent of the searches.

Comic book characters seem to be a fan favorite, as Batman, Deadpool, the Avengers and other DC Comics characters made the top ten lists in 2015 and 2016. The biggest change is Batman, which accounted for 24 percent of overall share in 2015, but dropped to only 8 percent in 2016.

Top 10 costumes searched in 2016:

# Costume % of top 10
1 Suicide Squad 25%
2 Pokémon 16%
3 Star Wars 12%
4 Dinosaur 10%
5 Batman 8%
6 Generic Disney 7%
7 DC Comics 7%
8 Deadpool 5%
9 The Avengers 5%
10 Ghostbusters 5%

Bottom line: Halloween may be the time for creativity, but our year-over-year analysis shows trick-or-treaters all want to be heroes. As always, Amazon was the go-to site for premade costumes, pushing out last year’s leaders like eBay and Etsy. So will next year reflect summer movie blockbusters all over again? You’ll have to check back on Halloween 2017.

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