What if You Could Connect Analytics for All Sites?

Consumers visit tens of millions of websites daily.  Most marketers only have insight into one of those websites:  their own.  Jumpshot tracks more than 160 billion monthly clicks, helping marketers know what their customers are doing anywhere, anytime they’re online.

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Jumpshot Makes Your Life Easier.

Today’s customer journeys are complex, but that doesn’t mean your solution has to be. Use our tools to discover your audience, build better campaigns, and more.

On Demand Panel

Let Jumpshot’s 90M panelists reveal customizable, daily insights.

See the Complete Picture

See every step a customer takes from the first search to the actual purchase on any device.

No Setup Required

You don’t need to be code savvy to use Jumpshot. You’re ready as soon as you sign in. Adios IT.

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Explore Each Step of Your Customer’s Journey

As customer journeys become more complex, are you confident you’re getting the full picture?  Jumpshot measures the customer journey end to end, capturing all of the media they’re exposed to. Use our insights to see where  you’re over or under investing and boost your ROI ASAP.

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Solutions for Marketers

Each marketing channel is unique in the data required to increase efficiency and optimization. Jumpshot’s marketing analytics platform provides insights from 90 million consumers that you can use to improve your programs.





Jumpshot was Built Exclusively for You



Know more about your customers and grow your business with in-depth insights.



Pitch new clients and optimize current accounts with in-depth analytics into any website.



Identify trends, formulate recommendations and provide predictions with real-time data.


Business Leaders

Qualify leads and close more deals with unique insights into any website’s analytics.

What are your customers doing the 99% of time they are not on your website?

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