Identify Keyword Trends & Analyze Multiple Conversion Points with Jumpshot’s Keywords Research Tool

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It’s a very exciting time here at Jumpshot, as we are continuing to perfect and roll-out new products and features that help you make better data-driven decisions, quicker. Today, we are happy to announce the two new features of the Jumpshot Keywords Research tool, which allow you to identify keyword trends and track multiple conversion points on any website.

Identify Keyword Trends with Jumpshot

Jumpshot Keyword Trends Feature

As campaigns, marketing strategies, and search trends change, you need to understand if traffic volumes from search keywords change and to what extent. Jumpshot’s Keywords Trend feature adds quick keyword trend detection capabilities to our Keywords Research tool, by visualizing the amount of click-throughs from search a website receives over time. You can customize the Keywords Trend data by applying any of the Keywords Research filters to investigate organic vs. paid keyword trends, include or exclude specific search phrases, apply different attribution models and windows, and more.

Quickly analyze ‘iPad’ click-through trends to Apple, organic ‘Nike’ keywords driving traffic to Amazon, paid non-brand keywords sending traffic to Airbnb, or ‘Tech’ related searches sending readers to The New-York Times. Then, dive into the weeds to understand which consumer entered keywords are behind the search traffic trend and analyze their individual performance.

Analyze Multiple Conversion Points Per Site with Jumpshot

Jumpshot's Multiple Conversion Points Per Domain Feature

Most websites have multiple conversion points, search campaigns and touchpoints driving people to that website for further engagement. Jumpshot’s new Multiple Conversion Point capability allows you to track and analyze different conversions on a specific website, such as subscriptions, signups, downloads and purchases. All of the website conversion points you’re tracking are accessible in the same Keywords Research report, so you can switch views and compare keyword performance easily.

Use the Jumpshot Multiple Conversions Points capability to quickly identify and compare the leading brand related keywords driving registrations and sales to Etsy, the top keywords driving signups and downloads on Cnet, or the leading search queries driving product vs. prime purchases on Amazon. Then, drill down and identify the exact keywords to integrate into your SEO, SEM and content to optimize keyword conversions by channel and conversion type.

This is yet another step in our path to democratize big data and bring back keyword visibility, so you can optimize your search initiatives based on what people really search and do online. We’ll continue to share our product news as we add new features and capabilities to our marketing analytics product suite, so stay tuned!

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