Why and how to include mobile location data in your customer journey analysis

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If you oversee a website, you most certainly use web analytics because it provides mission critical insights into what people are doing on your site. Mobile location data is like web analytics for the real world. People have their phones with them at all times. And many people have their phones enabled with location-based services.

Unlike web analytics, mobile location data doesn’t produce mission critical insights independently, rather it needs to be analyzed in the right context. At Jumpshot, we provide organizations with a way to look at mobile location data through the lens of the customer journey.

Take customer journey analytics from good to great

The more information you have about your customers and prospects, the better you can succeed at your efforts to optimize customer acquisition, improve advertising effectiveness, sell, upsell, cross-sell, enhance the customer experience, identify new customers based on look-alike audiences, or retain customers just before they fall off of the funnel.

The benefits of knowing your customer apply across all marketing activities because the more you know about your customer’s online activity and experience across touchpoints, the better you can personalize your offering to them and become more customer-centric.

Understand the full customer journey, online and offline

With mobile location data, your customer journey analysis can connect consumer online activity to their offline location, which can shine a light on your customers’ complete path-to-purchase across online and offline activities.

Retailers can prepare to meet customer needs before they arrive in person by stocking the products that customers have searched for online and use their power of insight to prepare upsell and cross-sell tactics. Organizations can also utilize mobile location data to detect where their customers are when they visit their site. The answers here could reveal co-marketing partners and out-of-home advertising opportunities. And, business owners can study the behavior of customers that visited their physical location before they visiting their site to understand why and find ways to better serve them in person in the future.

These were just a few examples of the insights that can be reached by analyzing the full customer journey. Jumpshot provides organizations with a comprehensive view of consumers’ journey across desktop, mobile-web, mobile location and offline transactions, allowing them to view the path-to-purchase from many different aspects and optimize every step of the customer journey.

Bottom line: The more data points and touchpoints you can connect to have a unified view of the customer, the more likely you are to convert them, upsell them, retain them, and engage them. In addition, a consolidated view across desktop, mobile-web, mobile location data and offline transactions lets you view the path-to-purchase from many different aspects.

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