Indiegogo Vs. Kickstarter: Top Projects and Traffic Generators for 2015

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What was once used as a funding technique for startups, business projects and nonprofits, Crowdfunding has gradually come to the masses and taken its act mainstream. Zack’s potato salad Kickstarter is a great example: the original goal was set at $10 to make potato salad and actual funding exceeded $55K!

We decided to look into two of the leading crowdfunding websites, specifically their most popular projects and traffic for 2015. What we found was that the two websites have an extremely different nature.

Indiegogo loves comedy!

A Jumpshot Site Analysis report for revealed 2 substantial traffic spikes on March 11th and March 24th-25th 2015. Our Top Pages section shows that the most popular pages on the site for these relevant dates, that enjoyed more than 67% of the traffic were 2 comedy projects: Con-man and Super Troopers 2. Both projects exceeded their goal by hundreds of percent and raised more than $7 million on the crowdsourcing website.

Indiegogo traffic and engagement 2015


Kickstarter love games!

We then ran a Site Analysis report for Kickstarter to identify traffic trends. We found 2 significant traffic spikes in 2015: one on May 1st and the other on May 11th-12th. Our Top Pages section shows that the leading projects for these dates were two games: Yooka Laylee enjoyed 45% of overall site traffic and Bloodstained Ritual of the Night enjoyed 57% of overall site traffic. Both games exceeded their goal by hundreds of percent. Yooka Laylee generated 10 times the funding requested and generated more than $5 million using the crowdfunding site.

Kickstarter traffic and engagement 2015



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