Join us at INKredible to find ‘Every Advertiser’s Sweet Spot’

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Publishers and advertisers alike struggle to find the perfect match between their audiences and ads. So how do you capture the right audience? Join Jumpshot CEO, Deren Baker, for his keynote presentation, “Audience Analytics: Every Advertiser’s Sweet Spot” at INKredible 2016. 

Deren will explore the missing element in direct media buys — intent-based information — on Tuesday, December 6th from 10:30-11:00 a.m. ET at The Princeton Club in New York City.

2nd-party data can illuminate the entire consumer journey to asses user preferences and inclinations, something both publishers and advertisers have struggled to perfect. With new, alternative data sets like Jumpshot’s 2nd-party data from clickstream analysis, publishers can quantify the value of their audience and discover their preferences and tendencies based on concrete actions. By actions, we mean the products they purchase, the content they consume, the brands they are loyal to, what they search for, and more.

Attendees will learn things such as, what cars do readers of The New Yorker show interest in purchasing the most? Where do they book their vacations? Which brands do they prefer to purchase on 3rd-party marketplaces? The answers to these questions provide publishers and advertisers with the information they need to craft targeted, and effective advertising campaign.

Join us for a day of actionable insights, and a preview of how intent-based information is coming to the advertising and publishing spaces. But if you can’t make it, no problem! Email us at to schedule a meeting in advance and learn how Jumpshot’s unique data and capabilities can further your business.

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