Jumpshot-Moz Webinar: Tying Keywords to Conversions in a ‘Not Provided’ World on Feb 18th at 1pm EST

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Identifying and focusing on the keywords that drive traffic and conversions to a website is critical to success in both SEO and SEM initiatives. However, it has become increasingly harder to identify those keywords, organic and paid. Ever since search engines transitioned into encrypted search SEO professionals have little to no visibility into natural search terms, with more than 90% of the organic search queries grouped as ‘Not Provided’ or ‘None’ in backend analytics products like Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst. As for the paid perspective, SEM managers need insight into competitive keywords that drive volume as well as revenue to optimize their spends and increase ROI, but struggle to find tools that can help. As a result SEOs and SEMs rely or workarounds, hacks and estimations based on historical data to guide their efforts.

What if you could identify and measure the performance of the exact consumer-entered keywords driving traffic and conversions to a website, in real-time and with nothing inferred? And what if you could gain insight into your competitors’ leading keywords for sales as well? Join Randy Antin and Russ Jones as they discuss ways to discover the keywords that actually convert.

Join our webinar on February 18th at 1pm (EST) to learn how to:

  • Identify and focus on keywords that actually convert.
  • Understand keyword value in a ‘Not Provided’ world.
  • Optimize SEO and SEM by gaining visibility into competitors’ best performing keywords.

About the speakers:

Russ Jones, Principal Search Scientist at Moz.com, has been practicing SEO since 2005 when he joined Angular and went on to become the company’s Chief Technology Officer. He spearheaded the development of several ethical SEO technologies such the spam prevention tool LinkSleeve and OpenCaptcha anti-spam solution. Most recently, Russ developed SERPscape, which contains data on 40 million U.S. search results, and was acquired by Moz.
Randy Antin, Vice President of Marketing at Jumpshot, has spent 12 years in search with a heavy emphasis on SEO. Randy held previous roles at Gap Inc.,Travelocity, and several travel start-ups. He fondly remembers the days of Inktomi’s Paid Inclusion Program, and has navigated the world of schematic web and encrypted search to PLAs and Enhanced Campaigns.

Join the Jumpshot-Moz Webinar on Feb 18th at 1pm EST

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