Jumpshot In Prague: Introducing Gemma Clitheroe

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This post is the first in a series in which we highlight our office in Prague and the excellent people who work there. Enjoy!


Gemma Clitheroe


Gemma Clitheroe is a Javascript developer originally from Derbyshire in the UK. She attended the University of Edinburgh and received a Computer Science undergraduate degree. Her duties at Jumpshot include updating and maintaining the tools we use for data analysis. When she is not hard at work on Jumpshot’s frontend team, she enjoys socializing, cooking, and trying to learn Czech.


What is your technical background, and how did you end up working in frontend development?

I studied computer science at university and since then have had different technical roles in a few different companies. I’ve worked in server side development, Java, PHP, and a few other areas, but in the end, I always enjoyed frontend UI development the most, I think because it is visual and people actually use it, which makes it a lot more fun!


What aspects of frontend development interest you the most? What sorts of projects do you most enjoy?

I like that it is a fast moving industry and that there is always something new to learn, or someone with a new idea. It’s great to work in an industry that is now such a big part of people’s lives: many of us spend so much time on the internet every day. I love the work I do at Jumpshot because we make internal tools for use within the company, which means we don’t have to spend hours on browser and device testing; it can get pretty soul-destroying building something that works beautifully in one browser and seeing it completely butchered by another.


What attracted you to Jumpshot as a company and specifically to the Prague office?

When I had a tour around the office during one of my interviews, I thought, “Wow, it would be amazing to have all these great facilities!” The pool tables, recording studio, and hammocks are all awesome, but none of these things are what makes working at Jumpshot great. It’s a very nice environment and the ‘culture’ here is great. I didn’t know anything about the company when I came to interview, but the people I met during the interviews and the general atmosphere of the office made me keen to start work.


What sorts of things do you look for in a working environment? What aspects of a workplace are most important to you?

After my previous experiences in the software industry, I was keen to work in an environment that was less hierarchical and where people could learn and improve at their own pace. I did not want to work somewhere where every day feels like a competition. I think this can be a common problem in the software industry. It’s great to have people to turn to for help when needed, but not to have someone looking over your shoulder all the time or who is too keen to impart all of their knowledge on others. I think the most important aspects of the workplace are the colleagues that you have around you; I like to be able to laugh and have fun at work, and it’s also good to be able to clear the air as adults if there are any disagreements or misunderstandings.


What do you like most about working for Jumpshot? What aspects of Jumpshot’s company culture do you most appreciate?

We have such a supportive environment, it feels like everyone feels confident enough to do their job to the best of their abilities, to speak up when they need to, and to give their opinions. I’ve worked in huge corporations and tiny startups with only two developers and I’ve never felt so confident and supported to learn and work as I do at Jumpshot.


Describe Jumpshot’s Prague office in one word.



What are some of your favorite things to do outside the office?

I don’t really have any crazy or interesting hobbies to be honest. I like going to the pub with my friends or hanging out in the park. I’m from a small town in the UK so it doesn’t take too much to entertain me!

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