Leading hidden AdWords features (part 2): Scripts

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In the second part of our AdWords Hidden Features series we highlight an advanced AdWords feature that is crucial for campaign management and automation: Scripts. This feature will save you time and heartache, as it monitors your account and automates processes. Read on to learn how to add and use scripts for AdWords campaigns.

Scripts for AdWords campaigns

Scripts alleviate your workload by automating a wide range of processes, from fundamental hourly link checks to detailed account alerts, bid changes based on real-time data, destination URL updates, and more. There are online repositories of ready-to-use scripts to get you going, like this one that includes 100 handpicked scripts. After you pick the script you want to test, follow these steps to set it up.

Access & Implementation

  1. Select a campaign from your AdWords dashboard.
  2. In the left navigation menu click on Bulk operations>Scripts.
  3. Click on the + Script button to create a new script.
  4. Copy and paste the script in between the curly brackets ({ }) in the script editor.
  5. Click on Authorize Now to allow the script to perform actions on your behalf.AdWords campaign script editor
  6. Click on Preview to test the script and see preliminary results.
  7. Click on Save to enable the script.

That’s it! You can now access and edit the script directly from the campaign main page. After you set up a script your options include:

  • Removing the script.
  • Editing the script body.
  • Running the script immediately.
  • Applying a hourly / daily / weekly / monthly schedule for the script to run.

This advanced AdWords feature is worth testing for various reasons, including:

Monitoring: A lot of these scripts are meant to alert you of potential disasters, such as ad disapprovals, 404 errors, significant declines in core metrics, budget capping, and more. Implementing as many scripts as possible is highly recommended, especially for e-commerce companies and other highly-active accounts where ad copy, keywords, and landing pages change constantly.

Efficiency: Daily or even weekly AdWords campaign management tasks can pile up. Fortunately, you can alleviate the redundancy of your day by automating tasks such as SQRs, keyword bids, labeling, day-parting and more. So go on and automate away!

Bottom line: Don’t confine yourself to a comfortable repertoire of features and tools. Your success as a digital marketer relies on you constantly pushing the limits, testing, evaluating and moving forward. We’ll continue to share the hidden AdWords features that make our list, so stay tuned!

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