Quantify the value of your audience with intent-based information to win over direct advertisers and secure premium media sales

When media planners evaluate publishers for direct media buys, they need a good reason to include each site. Jumpshot’s solutions enable publishers to prove the value of their audience by identifying specific purchasing habits, such as whether their audience is more inclined than the general population to book five-star hotels, shop for luxury cars, buy high-end electronics, and more.

Audience Analytics

Analyze your audience’s full online footprint

Insights at the category, brand, and product level enable publishers to focus on the right type of advertisers, brands and specific product lines that resonate with their audience.

197% – New Yorker’s digital audience more frequently buys Pet Supplies.

73% – Washington Post’s reader are more inclined to purchase Black+Decker.

46% – New York Times’ audience is more likely to purchase Panasonic in-ear headphones.

*compared to general population


Site Analysis

Identify which of your competitors your audience visits

If an advertiser wants to target heavy consumers of news, then The New Yorker is the best fit. If they want to target an exclusive audience, then CNN is the better choice.

30% of New Yorker readers also visited the other 4 news sites.

54% of CNN’s audience doesn’t visit any of the other publishers.

Campaign Optimization

Jumpshot can tie digital ad campaigns to intent-behavior metrics, from increases in advertiser-related Google searches to advertiser product purchases across distributor sites.

6% increase in Google searches related to “Ford” by those exposed to Ford advertising.

16% lift in completed “Contact us” forms for Ford dealers on

9% increase in requested insurance quotes for Ford models.


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