We’re excited to sponsor Pubcon, the search and social media innovation expo in Las Vegas, to showcase Jumpshot’s robust online behavioral data and capabilities, which include:

  • Campaign Effectiveness: Attribute off-site transactions to brand advertising campaigns to uncover the true value of marketing programs.
  • Keyword Conversions: Tie paid and organic keywords to actual conversions on any site
  • Audience Analytics: Define virtually any customer segment (new, frequent, competitor, etc) and analyze its entire online footprint to detect behavioral differences.
  • Site Analysis:  Analyze any website’s path-to-purchase, shopping carts, customer engagement, and site search.
  • Marketplace Report: Detect brand market share and consumer shopping trends on online marketplaces.

Email us at sales@jumpshot.com to schedule a meeting or visit us at booth #202 to work on your Jumpshot with our Pop-A-Shot while discussing analytics with the Jumpshot team.