Mobile location data within the customer journey

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We recently covered how the growing demand among businesses for mobile location insights has stemmed from location-aware smartphone services going mainstream. Millions of consumers enable this demand by sharing their physical location with mobile apps and sites in return for enhanced functionality or a more personalized experience. From finding your apple device to friends or attractions near you to timing your commute and checking in when you get where you are going, consumers use mobile location services more than you would think.

In this installment, we focus on the insights that can be reached from analyzing mobile location data in the context of the customer journey.

Add mobile location data to the customer journey with Jumpshot

Jumpshot provides organizations with a way to get a better understanding of the customer journey by adding anonymized location data to the mix. Mobile location data fills a gap that many marketers have in their understanding of the customer journey by connecting online activity with real-world, in-person visits to stores, hotels, airports, and other key locations of interest. With Jumpshot you look at this location data within the context of other key data including in-store transactions, mobile analytics and web analytics.

Whether your business is grounded in the real world, digital world, or both there are many insights you can reach by evaluating mobile location data within the customer journey. For example, you can discover which campaigns and touchpoints are on the path-to-purchase, investigate how consumers’ online actions coincide with their real-world location, compare the journeys of new and returning customers, or study the overlap between in-store customers and online customers.

Jumpshot provides organizations with a way to understand the entire customer journey by combining web and mobile analytics with location data and in-store transactions. Explore how to increase the likelihood for conversion in-store and out, pinpoint how new customers fill the sales funnel, answer questions about consumers’ traveling and commuting patterns, find out how to reach consumers with the right message in the right place, and much more.

Bottom line: Jumpshot can help you retrace every step of the customer journey leading up to, or following, an in-store visit or purchase. We use desktop, mobile-web, mobile location data and offline transactions to give marketers a 360 degree view of their customer, so they can make better data-driven decision to further business and increase ROI from marketing.

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