Did your Mother’s Day promotion work? A retail expert weighs in

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Mother’s Day is a day to show our mothers just how much we appreciate them. In between wondering what we were going to gift our own mothers, we put together our best practices for marketing Mother’s Day promotions, with some help from a beauty industry expert. Read on for Mother’s Day e-commerce marketing tips, focusing on the kind of digital campaigns that get the most clicks (and conversions).

Keys to success

3x the love for 3x the points. To maximize the potential you need to devise channel-specific offers. Loyalty programs are a great example: they perform wonderfully online but poorly offline. Mother’s Day in-store loyalty promotions, such as 3x points for a limited time, tend to have relatively low conversion rates. However this seems to be a winning tactic online, whether it is targeted towards you or mom. This tactic is being used by many companies, mostly offered in combination with a product that has infrequent sales, such as fragrances. These offers resonate digitally, whether delivered by email, shared on social media or displayed in ad campaigns. Three really is the magic number.

Highly targeted, frequent emails get the most attention. Outside of digital loyalty schemes, personalized emails work well in a high-caliber consumer holiday such as Mother’s Day. Experts have found high penetration of traffic from emails, but there has to be a unified message per email. It simply doesn’t make sense to mix a product-specific promotion along with a 15 percent off coupon. And higher frequency email blasts perform better than infrequent email communication, as long as the message is relevant and valuable.

Did your Mother’s Day promotion work? Mother's day marketing tips by Jumpshot

Pulling at the purse strings, not the heartstrings . If you’re wondering who is leading the Mother’s Day pack for public attention, department stores are unequivocally in the lead. Retailers such as Macy’s and Kohl’s have saturated the market in TV commercials and circulars, but haven’t pushed digital ads and retargeted promotions as heavily as others. They’re not doing this through an emotional ploy either, retail marketers are going for the purse strings by offering discounts and price slashing. Shoppers on a budget, or moms who want to treat themselves, are enticed by lower sum totals on their receipts.

How consumers are showing their love for mom

So how are Mother’s Day shoppers different from say, birthday or Christmas shoppers? What emails are they opening, how are they getting to your website, and most importantly, what are they buying?

It’s not flowers, fragrances or makeup that are the most popular, but gift cards. Perhaps due to procrastination or simple indecision, beauty retailers have seen an increase in gift card purchases for Mother’s Day. Although not a huge influx in conversions, it’s roughly equivalent to the increase experienced during Valentine’s Day. This falls in line with our recent finding that Amazon gift cards are the most popular purchase among all customer cohorts in Q1 2016

Bottom line: For marketers, Mother’s Day has transitioned from an emotional pull to a more financial, pragmatic push. Our love for last-minute purchases might become a thing of the past, as retailers and e-commerce marketers promote Mother’s Day across the board, ensuring we remember to buy a gift for mom. And, thanks to current e-commerce tactics, the alluring combination of decreased Mother’s Day gifts prices and increased loyalty points makes both mom and the gifter happy.

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