Mustachioed Men of Marketing Analytics: Jumpshot Takes on Movember

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Jumpshot is composed of a global, diverse and extremely dedicated group of individuals. Our love for analytics unites us and has shaped Jumpshot’s mission of democratizing big data. Behind Jumpshot and all of our products are real people. From our global consumer panel to our employees and from keywords to conversions, people are the focus of everything we aspire to do. Retaining a customer-focused mindset in the extremely analytical big data world is not easy or evident, which is why we are eternally grateful to all our employees.

While employees in our San Francisco office are gearing up for Thanksgiving, we decided to take this opportunity to profile a couple employees from both our SF and Prague offices who took part in the global celebration of Movember (aka Novembeard).

Founded by the Movember Foundation in 2003, Movember encourages men around the world to grow out their mustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and physical fitness issues.

The men on our teams enjoyed a shave-free month, which is quite the perk in itself, and the women were not left behind. Jumpshot enabled those who cannot grow mustaches on their own to participate in the festivities with these paper versions. Cute right?  

Jumpshot takes on Movember 2015

Without further adieu, meet Data Scientist Jakub Dubovsky, Scrum Master Milan Gerza – our Prague office’s chosen Movember martyrs – and our San Franciscan Salesman Russell Lifson.

Jumpshot takes on Movember 2015

Which famous mustachioed man has inspired your mo?

Jakob: Myself!

Milan: Eugene Sandow.

Russell: Joaquin Phoenix.

Jumpshot takes on Movember 2015

Why did you decide to grow a mustache this Movember?

Jakob: It’s fun! But it also serves as a great indicator to people around me that something is happening. I look bad with my mo and friends keep telling me that, but that means they notice. That’s the point, isn’t it?

Milan: Mustaches are cool and growing mine out helps to spread the Movember message.

Russell: Honestly, I just hate shaving!

(Thanks for the honesty Russell)

In case you’re still curious, here are some more Jumpshoters with their mos:

Jumpshot takes on Movember 2015

Jumpshot takes on Movember 2015

Jumpshot takes on Movember 2015

Jumpshot takes on Movember 2015


Bottom line: Even though we hide behind tech speak and marketing jargon day in and day out, Jumpshot wouldn’t exist without our passionate employees from around the globe. We are not only proud of their professional accomplishments, but of the causes they champion outside of the office as well.

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