A prelude to the first 100 days: Most popular President Trump articles

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As we near the end of President Trump’s first 100 days in office, it seems clear that the once outspoken candidate will continue to garner a significant amount of mindshare in the media throughout his presidency. While no one issue has dominated the last 100 days, there have been a handful of key areas that have both the media and Americans paying close attention.

President Trump’s love-hate relationship with the media motivated us during his first month in office to gauge which articles Americans were reading the most. Were readers enthralled by tweets, new administration nominations or protests the most?


How we analyzed readership:

To measure this, Jumpshot analyzed articles about President Trump in eight publications — Breitbart, CNN, Fox News, National Review, New York Times, Politico, The Hill, and USA Today, spanning from January 1 – February 1, 2017.

We found that of the top 10 most read articles across all eight publications analyzed, 50 percent of articles written were about January’s travel ban, with the remaining 30 percent focused on President Trump’s executive orders. Numerous interesting themes also emerged through our analysis. Nearly one third of the articles about President Trump centered on his new administration nominations, live coverage of the inauguration, and predictions about his first weeks in office.

While a third of the articles reported on hard news, almost half of the stories Jumpshot analyzed referenced Twitter in some capacity. The social media platform was either mentioned in the context of something that Trump shared on Twitter or someone else’s tweets about him. Either way, Twitter may have had a stronger first month in office than Trump himself, at least when it comes to media impressions.

The data also shows that across all publications, most writers focused their stories on one of three topics: the travel ban (21 percent of stories), Trump’s executive orders (24 percent), and voters’ opposition to Trump (21 percent).


Below is a detailed breakdown of Americans’ readership for President Trump’s first 30 days in office:

Breakdown of Individual Article themes

Breitbart News
  • 50% of top articles are about Trump’s opponents, while only 10% are about his supporters
  • 70% reference Twitter
  • 40% of top articles are about the travel ban
Fox News
  • 40% of top articles are about Trump’s opponents, while only 30% are about his supporters
  • 40% reference Twitter
National Review
  • 50% of top articles are about the travel ban
  • 50% of top articles are opinion pieces
New York Times
  • Even breakdown in themes: top themes are Trump Administration, executive orders, travel ban, inauguration, and media
  • 50% of top articles are features about the Trump Administration
The Hill
  • 70% of top articles are news about the Trump Administration (staff cuts, leaks etc…)
USA Today
  • 50% of top articles are about Trump’s executive orders
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