Preparing for Buyable Pins: Pinterest User Behavior Analysis for Q2 of 2015

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Exactly one week ago, Pinterest officially announced its new and long-awaited e-commerce feature: Buyable Pins. Buyable Pins let Pinterest users purchase products on a secure platform within Pinterest, using Apple Pay or credit cards. This feature will gradually roll out starting with American iOS users, who will be able to purchase more than 2 million products on Pinterest with a click of the button by the end of the month. Android app users and website visitors will have to wait for Pinterest future versions to get access to the platform’s e-commerce feature.

Buyable Pins appear to be a beneficial solution for retailers, e-commerce marketers and Pinterest itself. A recent study indicates that nearly 90% of Pinterest users have purchased a product because of Pinterest. For now, retailers and etailers will not be charged for the use of, or subsequent transactions made by, Buyable Pins. This appears to be an ideal situation enabling e-commerce websites of all sizes to use their social channels to showcase their online store and generate sales. As for Pinterest, their monetization plans are still focused on Promoted Pins, their own native ad format.

We decided to look into Pinterest’s US user engagement metrics for Q2 of 2015. We were interested in assessing user behavior trends that might help us estimate the potential of Pinterest’s upcoming Buyable Pins.

Most Engaging User Searches in the US

The leading search phrases to generate engagement on Pinterest in the US between March 1st and June 30th based on the amount of pageviews per user are:

  1. Anime: 5.5
  2. Frases (inspirational phrases in Spanish): 5.3
  3. Funny: 5.1
  4. Poster: 4.9
  5. Manualidades (crafts in Spanish): 4.9
  6. Logo: 4.7
  7. Watercolor: 4.4
  8. Crochet: 4.4
  9. Nail art: 4.4
  10. Disney: 4.4


When we take into account the amount of users searching, new data comes to light. DIY and tattoos, both driving 4.3 post search page views per user, are the most popular engaging search phrases.

Pinterest most engaging search phrases and engagement generated 2015

Tattoos and DIY are also content categories on Pinterest. If we look at the distribution of US users that searched and continued to engage with content by category, we discover that the leading categories are DIY & Crafts, Tattoos, Geek and Weddings. The popularity of Tattoos is quite an interesting find on its own, but we digress.

Pinterest most engaging content categories 2015

Bottom line: Taking in Pinterest’s nature of supplying step-by-step DIY instructions and acting as an inspirational bulletin board, we can assume that finished crafts, DIY materials, wedding dresses, posters and other forms of visual art will generate the most amount of sales. Which brings to mind a couple of questions: Will Pinterest’s DIY pins transform from information based pieces of content into lead generators? Will Pinterest’s ‘Buy It’ button change the way users and business interact with the platform? Lowered engagement rates will likely come from the opportunity to buy a product on Pinterest since users will be directed to leave Pinterest, but will the types of pins and creatives used change drastically? And lastly, are Buyable Pins really meant to be a feature or is this Pinterest’s way to promote its own native ads (i.e Sponsored Pins). We’ll have to wait and see how this step into e-commerce affects user and brand behavior on Pinterest. We will keep you posted.


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