Audience Analytics

To truly understand your customers’ online journeys, you need customer-centric analytics at scale.

Surveys, small samples and fancy visualizations don’t cut it anymore in a big data world. Jumpshot’s Audience Analytics solution lets you define virtually any behavioral segment, analyze that segment’s online footprint and quantify the value of your audience.

Pinpoint concrete online behaviors to understand the real differences between customer segments

Find more potential users with behavior similar to your best customers

Publishers can quantify the value of their audience vs. the competition to win over advertisers

Dynamic delivery, based on constantly changing behavioral data

24-hour data refresh

Mobile and desktop behavior and trends

Customer mapping analytics

Do you know your customer’s entire online journey?

Jumpshot Does

 Jumpshot tracks more than 160 billion monthly clicks, helping marketers know what their customers are doing anywhere, anytime they’re online.

Customer journey mapping demo

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