Jumpshot’s Audiences are created from data of online consumer behavior across thousands of domains, including transaction data, form submissions, add-to-cart activity, search queries and more to give advertisers unique ways to target their campaigns and increase ROI.

Hundreds of audiences across multiple industries such as travel, eCommerce, and automotive

Choose from pre-selected audiences already integrated into DSPs

Create your own custom audience

Acquire new customers or run competitive conquesting campaigns

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Action-Based Behavioral Targeting

Target audiences based on 2nd-party data

Audiences based on page or domain views is not enough. With Jumpshot Audiences, consumer actions are the key to more specific targeting capabilities, such as:

In-market auto shoppers who requested a car quote from a local dealer

Hotel bookings on leading OTAs, including Expedia and Booking.com

Online purchases of 200 high-end brands from Armani to Zegna

Stock trading activity, from registration to actual trades

Target the Now-in-Market Consumer

Know when your prospects are interested

Jumpshot’s Audiences are underpinned with perfect historical information reflecting changes in cross-domain activity, such as increased visits to specific product pages on multiple retail sites, changes in search frequency of selected keywords, new sites visited frequently, and more. Examples include:

Prospects that filled out a request form on car dealership sites in the last 14 days

Increases in flight route searches on Expedia, or destination searches on Google

Person purchased parenting book on Amazon and started visiting pregnancy websites

Volume of Searches

Do you know your customer’s entire online journey?

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 Jumpshot tracks more than 160 billion monthly clicks, helping marketers know what their customers are doing anywhere, anytime they’re online.

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