Campaign Optimization

Improve your digital campaign performance by attributing consumer behaviors from any domain.

The Problem

Marketers are only able to optimize and measure their digital campaigns using platform and on-site metrics. But the intentions of many digital campaigns are not about customers clicking on an ad, buying right away or even at all, or buying from the advertiser’s own web site. So how can you properly optimize and measure the impact of your digital campaigns?

The Solution

Jumpshot’s Campaign Optimization helps you quantify that impact and optimize performance while the campaign is running or understand overall impact post-hoc by attributing consumer behavior from anywhere online.

Online behavioral data can associate previously inaccessible connections and data points to advertising campaigns to prove the holistic impact and value to your, or your advertiser’s, business.

  • Do you sell your products through 3rd-party distributors?
  • Do you want to know whether your campaigns influence consumers to increase related search activity?
  • Want to associate actual metrics to an awareness campaign?
  • If you are a publisher, how do you truly quantify performance for your advertisers’ campaigns?

Use your internal customer segments exposed to your campaigns and match to Jumpshot’s consumer panel

Choose up to 10 defined user behaviors per campaign, such as Amazon product purchases, Google brand-related searches, or other 3rd-party distribution purchase

Receive daily results to feed into optimizing campaigns for improved performance

Analyze post-hoc performance at the end of a campaign

Data delivered via daily feed

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