Most digital ad campaigns are optimized based on shallow metrics such as impressions and click rates—conversions, maybe. But those metrics only tell half the story. To develop strategies that maximize lift, marketers need to know exactly how their campaigns influence consumers across the web, not just on their own domains. Without a view into search behavior and engagements and conversions in walled garden marketplaces, marketers are following hunches, not reality.

Quantify the True Impact of Brand Campaigns

Measure campaign lift by analyzing actual human behavior. Know whether your campaigns led to more search queries for your products or greater share of voice on third-party marketplaces.

Optimize Based on All Your Conversions

40 percent of purchases happen in walled-garden marketplaces. Jumpshot sees the purchase path of your customers everywhere online, including search, your website’s conversion funnel, and even conversions you’ve been blind to before.

Target the Precise Audiences that Matter

Know where your ad budgets are most effective and optimize campaigns based on which audiences or segments they resonate with most. Precisely quantify the influence of publisher partners or creative strategies so you can adjust spend and maximize lift in-flight.


Measure the frequency of consumer behaviors anywhere online before and after they’ve been exposed to ads

Compare results to unexposed panelists to gain insight into the true campaign lift on browsing and purchasing across the internet

Segment groups of consumers to measure campaign lift by site, exposure frequency, publication partners, creative unit and more

Define user behaviors per campaign, such as Amazon product purchases, Google brand-related searches, or other 3rd-party distribution purchase

Receive daily results to analyze impacts and feed into optimizing campaigns for improved performance.

Access a 100-million-device consumer panel covering mobile and desktop behaviors and trends

Condé Nast

By integrating Jumpshot’s Campaign Optimization into its data platform, Condé Nast tied ad campaigns to their effects on search, shopping and purchase behaviors across the entire web. Finding the right content for each campaign helped them target the optimal audiences.  

  • A cosmetics brand grew purchases 151 percent
  • A food & beverage advertiser increased purchases 19 percent
  • A major eCommerce site raised purchases 372 percent

The data integration has proven invaluable. Many of our advertisers are seeing campaign uplifts of over 60 percent.

Karthic Bala

head of data strategy, Condé Nast

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