Data Feeds

Investigate any website's performance in various levels of granularity to integrate into your tech stack or analyze in-house

Analyze 2nd-party clickstream data from high-level traffic metrics to onsite activity to step-by-step path-to-purchase behavior. Jumpshot’s data feeds provide a deeper understanding of any domain’s proprietary metrics.

Aggregated counts or individual detailed steps, including website traffic, add-to-cart activity, completed transactions, and associated URLs.

Unprecedented access to other companies’ 2nd-party data

Thousands of domains available.

Includes customer demographics, user devices, timestamps, geo-location, and more

Daily, weekly, or monthly delivery

Search Feed

Insights Feed

The full Path-to-Purchase, click by click

Analyze every step of the path-to-purchase funnel with click-by-click information of all the defined user actions for an entire domain. From the exact keywords used, to the specific products viewed, the products that were added to cart, and those that were purchased or canceled.

Choose from a set of predefined user actions covering every step of the conversion funnel

Analyze detailed click-by-click data

Available on the domain or company levels

Analyze performance by socio-demographics, devices, timestamps, and geo-location.

Daily, weekly, or monthly delivery

Metrics Feed

Key performance metrics by volume

Gain access to any website’s key performance metrics. Choose from a set of predefined user actions, covering everything from visitor counts, to onsite search volumes, product view totals, add to cart volumes, conversion sums, and more.

Choose from a set of predefined user actions

Analyze aggregated data that is rolled up on a daily basis

Easily incorporated into BI systems and competitive dashboards

Daily, weekly, or monthly delivery

Volume of Searches
Volume of Searches

Visitor Traffic Feed

Competitive benchmarking by traffic or visitor counts

Benchmark websites by unique visitor counts or pageview metrics to get a better understanding of any industry, field, or competitive landscape.

Unique visitor counts and pageviews for any domain

Data available for 10,000 domains and growing

Daily, weekly, or monthly delivery

Amazon Transaction Feed

Granular transaction data and customer information

Analyze row by row transaction level data, including individual products purchased, purchase price, customer ratings, user device, and much more.

Hundreds of thousands of individual transactions by category

Detailed product information

Detailed customer information, including age, location, gender, device, and more

Choose from more than 45,000 categories

Volume of Searches

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