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Analyze keyword search and click shares across the web, and tie paid or organic keywords to landing pages on any website.


Thanks to clickstream data providers like Jumpshot (which helps power Moz’s Keyword Explorer and many of our keyword-based metrics in Pro), we can get around Google’s secrecy and see the data for ourselves!

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Get a comprehensive view of the hundreds of millions of daily search queries and clicks consumers perform on leading search engines, including Google, Bing and Yandex, and benchmark search program performance against industry peers to identify opportunities to gain traffic share. Identify the organic and paid keywords driving consumers to any website, analyze keyword share of voice across the web, investigate search queries that do not lead to clicks, break down search volumes by socio-demographic filters, and more.

Identify the exact consumer entered search terms by queries and clicks

Associate landing pages with every individual keyword click

Analyze organic vs. paid search clicks

Filter keyword volumes and performance by end user device, socio-demographics, and geo-location

Keyword data ranging from January 2014 to yesterday

24-hour data refresh

Search Feed

Search Feed – Clicks

Every query and every click for every keyword

Get a better understanding of the search landscape by identifying the websites that receive the most search traffic from specific keywords, and filter results by search engine, device, browser or user demographics to identify opportunities to gain traffic market share. Benchmark sites’ organic and paid search initiatives by program, keyword groups, individual keywords, or landing pages.

Identify the exact keywords consumers search and click by volume

Analyze paid vs. organic clicks by keyword, keyword group, website or destination landing page

Benchmark search programs across sites and identify opportunities to gain search traffic

See every domain that received a click from a keyword to compare keyword share of voice

Filter keyword clicks by user information, such as socio-demographics, device, and geo location

Daily, weekly, or monthly delivery

Volume of Searches

Search Feed – Searches

Consumer search queries by volume

Gain visibility into consumer search trends on the leading search engines by analyzing aggregated search volumes for individual keywords. Compare keyword-specific search activity by domain, device, time of day, location, and more.

Detect keyword trends by consumer search volumes

Benchmark search engines by overall search volumes or keyword specific searches

Filter keyword volumes by user information, such as socio-demographics, device, and geo-location

Daily, weekly, or monthly delivery

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 Jumpshot tracks more than 160 billion monthly clicks, helping marketers know what their customers are doing anywhere, anytime they’re online.

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