Measure campaign performance based where your consumers buy.

71% of brand purchases happen on walled gardens. Track conversions everywhere including marketplaces like Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy and Expedia. And quantify changes in market share against competing brands.

Conversions Table

Quantify your digital campaigns compared to competition.

Know whether your campaigns led to more searches or product views on third-party marketplaces and ecommerce sites. Measure the impact on competitors’ brands to gauge true lift.

Maximum impact scale.

Optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

Break down campaign lift by tactics, placements, or creative groups to maximize campaign impact. Optimize marketing budgets for maximum brand lift and conversions.

Intel saw 24% lift in product conversions across online marketplaces.

Intel partnered with Jumpshot to better understand the full impact of its campaign. Jumpshot measured a 22% lift to product views and 24% lift to product conversions of Intel-powered laptops across online marketplaces.



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