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The Power of 100 Million Shoppers

Here it is: Incredibly detailed clickstream data from 100 million global online shoppers and 20 million global app users. Analyze it however you want: track what users searched for, how they interacted with a particular brand or product, and what they bought. Look into any category, country, or domain.

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Extremely Granular

Get ready to go deep. Dive in to understand the complete path to purchase, right down to individual products. Uncover the why behind buying behaviors and brand loyalty.

• Product • Event • Search • Device • Retail-Specific


As flexible as you need

Ask the questions you really want answered: dissect online behaviors like search, streaming, and buying actions. Look singularly or aggregated for a full understanding of your industry.


Easy to work with

Here it is: Import the data to whatever database or platform you need for your analysis. It’s all delivered in delimited text, via  S3 bucket, so you have ultimate control.

From Search to Purchase and Everything Between

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Search Feeds

Track search and referral behaviors across the internet, including all search engines and on-site search queries on any website.

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Site Feeds

Track website performance from every click and action visitors make, from on-site search to actual purchase.

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Category Feeds

Dive deep into product-level details or follow complete journeys across all brands and retailers for any given category.

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App Feeds

Analyze app engagement metrics and web browsing user persona details across every category to understand consumers’ real mobile journey.

Find Answers for Any Industry

Optimize marketing efforts as you learn how to reach audiences like never before

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Increase sales by discovering how your competitors and vendors are performing



Show the true value of advertising on your site, and how to reach users best by understanding their browsing habits


Publishers / Ad Tech

Get better at what you do by understanding online audiences and actions

Data Platform

Give clients a comprehensive understanding of their market with unprecedented detail: brand performance, consumer activities and much more

Market Research

Make investments with confidence by tracking performance trends over time for any category.

Investment Community


Our Data

Jumpshot’s global panel covers an unprecedented 100 million devices and 5 billion actions per day. We aggregate and house anonymized clickstream data from thousands of websites and over 1,600 categories. The average panelist tenure is 12 months, offering a true understanding of online consumer trends and path-to-purchase behaviors over extended periods of time.

  • Global Coverage
  • Refreshed Daily
  • Database Agnostic
  • Desktop and Mobile Coverage

All of the data with none of the walls. See it all, finally.

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