The psyche and purchasing habits of Burning Man attendees

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Festival Season, otherwise known as the fifth season, is coming to a close as Labor Day approaches. The festival scene has become a major cultural and economic juggernaut in the past few years, so naturally we wanted to see what attendees streamed, searched and bought. Burning Man, everyone’s favorite art and counterculture festival, started yesterday, so we analyzed the customer journey of consumers who searched for Burning Man from March through August 15th, 2016.

What we found was interesting, mesmerizing, and representative of the festival itself. YouTube videos topped the list, as people who searched for Burning Man were 28x more likely to watch the Wintergatan Marble Machine instrument. In addition to pre-festival music, searchers prepared for desert living and were 27x more likely to purchase a GoPro on Amazon, and were 14x more likely to purchase sleep masks. Our findings didn’t stop there, either. Keep the candle burning and read on for our full analysis.

Getting prepared: Burning Man Amazon purchases

The desert is hot, dry and during Burning Man, very loud. Unsurprisingly, our data indicated that consumers who searched for Burning Man were 14x more likely to buy Cambridge SoundWorks portable speakers, and to keep the party going, were 12x more likely to buy Plugable USB Bluetooth adapters on Amazon. To insure they captured all of the action, Burners purchased GoPros much more frequently than the general population: 27x more to be exact. To wrap up the night, attendees bought Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Masks 14x more than the general population.

Burners feel the Bern

Google Search trends revealed that Burners love Bernie. Burning Man searchers Googled the Vermont Senator and former Presidential Candidate nearly 38x more than the general population. That’s a staggering percentage, considering that only 70,000 individuals attended Burning Man in 2015.

Burning Man loves music

Besides watching European band Wintergatan perform on their marble machine, Burners also showed some love for the Arctic Monkeys. They were 12x more likely to watch the band’s music videos on YouTube, with “Do I Wanna Know?” being the most popular. This cohort was also 12x more likely than the general population to stream “Instant Karma videos.” Justice and entertainment, instantly served.

Bottom line: This analysis revealed many pragmatic searches and purchases, as well as the underlying interests and political inclinations of those in the Burning Man community. Purchases of speakers and facemasks are obviously necessary for a week in the desert, but the overwhelming interest in Bernie Sanders gave us a deeper look into the psyche of Burners. This festival season may be coming to a close, but the 2017 season will surely be even bigger and better. Make sure to check in next year to see what people are still searching for, buying and loving.

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