Get a better understanding of your customers with click-by-click analysis of multi-site customer journeys and 3rd-party transactions

Jumpshot’s solutions provide deep insights into the retail and e-commerce space using two different perspectives: Domain-specific and audience-centric. From a domain perspective, Jumpshot drills vertically into any site, providing benchmarking of key performance metrics against a competitive set to understanding overall brand market share across 3rd-party marketplaces. From an audience perspective, Jumpshot is able to see cross-domain activity, and help businesses understand how their customer segments differ in their online activity, informing decisions on how to best reach and engage them for future campaigns.

Site Analysis

Analyze Path-to-Purchase Funnels

Amazon, Target, and Walmart’s shopping cart abandonment rates on Black Friday were down 19% against pre-Black Friday, while Macy’s cart abandonment rate increased by 2%.

While Amazon and Walmart’s shopping cart abandonment rates on Cyber Monday were cut by 12.5% compared to post Cyber Monday, Macy’s and Target’s rates increased.

Macy’s increased abandonment rates on Cyber Monday and Black Friday indicate a contrarian weakness on the biggest shopping days of the year for retail.

Jumpshot marketplace transaction data

Marketplace Report

Detect market share by 3rd-party marketplace sales

Ralph Lauren dominates transactions on Zappos but lags behind its competitors on Amazon and Macy’s, which account for 98% of the total transactions. As a result, Tommy Hilfiger’s market share across marketplaces is double that of Ralph Lauren.

To remain competitive, Ralph Lauren should partner with the leading 3rd-party marketplaces as it does with Zappos.

Campaign Effectiveness

Connect brand digital campaigns to off-site sales

Nike’s digital marketing campaigns influenced an additional 17% in transactions, and conversion rate experienced a lift of 18%, when sales on Amazon, Zappos, Foot Locker, and DSW were taken into account. The attribution and lift rate would increase if Nike’s entire distribution network was included.

Nike’s digital marketing campaigns are not receiving their rightful attribution on overall sales and might be worthy of additional funding.


Audience Analytics

Analyze entire online footprints of customer segments to detect behavioral differences

JCPenney customers’ search behavior includes competing department store brand names, as they search for Macy’s, Dillard’s and Kohl’s 11-14x more than the general population. JCPenney could invest in a loyalty program that is more robust than JCPenney Rewards to foster customer loyalty.

JCPenney customers purchase Art Naturals cosmetic items on Amazon 11x more than the general population. JCPenney should consider a marketplace or advertising partnership with Art Naturals to capitalize on their customers’ choice of cosmetic brands.

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