Sell more media with intent-based audience insights

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Publishers leave money on the table when they sell media based solely on metrics that every other publisher has. Things like audience size and demographics are commodity selling points. Publishers can earn more by using differentiated selling points.

One lucrative way to differentiate a publisher’s audience is with intent-based audience insights. Jumpshot provides intent-based information by analyzing the upstream and downstream click, browsing, and purchase behaviors that visitors to a publisher’s site exhibit while visiting other sites. These insights give publishers a complete view of their audience’s behavior across the entire web, including insights into the product categories, brands, and individual products that the audience purchases or intends to purchase.

Publishers can use this data to identify which advertisers to focus on and prove the value of buying direct with them to advertisers, thereby earning their business.

It sounds simple, and it is with the right data, which Jumpshot provides through clickstream analysis of its 100-million global consumer panel. This type of data yields insights across the marketing funnel.

Cross-site visitation information

Cross-site visits identifies how likely or unlikely it is for visitors to a publisher’s site to visit another site or collection of sites. When a publisher looks at all the places on the web its visitors go to, some ideas for target advertisers will surface along with data points that will help in selling to them.

High-level Marketplace sales analysis

Marketplace sales identifies how likely or unlikely it is for a publisher’s audience to purchase products on major 3rd-party marketplaces, like Amazon or eBay. This provides a high-level view over the extent to which a publisher’s site reaches online shoppers. If the audience over-indexes on marketplace purchasing behavior, then the publisher’s site is a valuable place for e-commerce advertisers to market their brands.

In-depth marketplace transaction data

Granular marketplace sales at the category, brand, and product level identifies how likely or unlikely it is for visitors to a publisher’s site to purchase products within a specific category, brand, or SKU. Intent-based insights at the category level can help publishers identify the category of advertiser to target. Insights at the brand level can narrow the target even further to show how a publisher sales team may want to prioritize pitching one brand in an advertiser’s portfolio over another. Finally, insights at the product level provide the ammunition to pitch marketers of specific products, who would be very interested in buying access to an audience that’s inclined to purchase.

Off-site conversion behavior

Off-site intent and conversion behavior identifies the likelihood of visitors to a publisher’s site to showcase intent to convert or actually convert on major sites across the web. The information is diverse and includes everything from search activity to streaming behavior, travel booking, auto shopping, prescription discount card sign-ups, and much more.

These four types of intent-based audience insights provide publishers with the flexibility and depth necessary to excel at identifying the right advertisers to target and pinpointing the selling points to use with target advertisers for direct media buys.

To showcase intent-based audience insights in more detail, we quantified the value of audiences to 5 different premium publishers: The New Yorker, CNN, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. This involves analyzing the online behaviors of each site’s visitors, and for all 5 combined, and then drawing comparisons to the general population. The full case study will be available for download soon, so stay tuned!

Bottom line: When selling media direct to advertisers, don’t rely on commodity selling points like audience size and demographics. Instead, use Jumpshot’s online behavioral data to uncover the intent-based insights you need to focus your selling efforts on the right advertisers and the proof points you need to win their business.

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