Snapchat vs. Instagram growth: Self-destructive messages overtake image filters

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We dug deep into the social media trenches last month to take a closer look at Instagram and Snapchat’s growth rates across borders, ages and genders in 2016. It’s no secret that social media, especially photo-sharing apps, are popular among millennials. Which is why we focused our analysis on the users that aren’t top-of-mind, and the rate at which these late adopters are signing up.

As we’re comparing photo-sharing platforms, we thought it’d be fitting to present our findings in an infographic. You can soak in all of the statistical goodness, and see which countries and user profiles are fueling the continued growth of these two social unicorns. You’ll find that this year Snapchat attracted 25 percent more users than Instagram worldwide. Our data also indicates that Snapchat’s March app update, in which the Face Swap feature was first introduced, unlocked a previously underrepresented demographic for the app: Non-millennials.

In the first couple months of 2016 Instagram dominated the non-millennial market, attracting new users at a rate of 1.6 times that of Snapchat. However, following Snapchat’s March update, it took the lead for non-millennial growth among Americans, and gained traction in other key markets, too. It seems that Snapchat isn’t just for millennials, anymore.

The analysis doesn’t stop there though, read on for unique insights into the two leading photo-sharing apps, and their audiences.

Snapchat vs. Instagram growth infographic by Jumpshot

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