Big Data Technologies for Agencies

Pitch new clients and optimize current accounts with in-depth analytics tools to analyze any website's traffic metrics, keywords and customer behavior.

Big data technologies

Optimize the Performance of Current Accounts

Increase your clients’ marketing ROI with a centralized analytics solution for the entire web. Gain access to any website’s:

Key performance metrics, digital marketing strategies, and onsite user behavior.

Campaign performance and leading sources for traffic and conversions.

Site Search and customer journeys to fully understand the audience and identify additional touch points.

Jumpshot knows your customer’s complete online journey.

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Attract New Clients with Data-Driven Insights

Bring in new business with in-depth analytics and website performance metrics for any website. Use this information to:

Identify and research new clients and opportunities.

Empower your sales team by including data-driven insights and new potential opportunities to client pitches and outreach.

Establish yourself as a strategic insights partner for your client’s analytics needs.

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